stationery lust

i know i'm not the first to blog about the beauty that is mr. boddington's studio but, on the off chance that you've spent your life beneath a large boulder, i thought i would share some of my favorites here anyway.
for the lazy ones who haven't sent out their holiday cards yet:
of course, those who were on their A game this year deserve a little somethin' somethin':

how about some stationery in a fancy navy pattern?
or a more whimsical set in lime and script?
let's not forget this orange and pink number!
these folks seem to have thought of everything: wedding invitations with maps, the most charming patterned envelope liners, monogrammed stamps for your envelopes... i think i'm in love.

p.s. merry christmas to anyone who might be reading!

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by my little blog! I love your post about bunk beds. Happy New Year to you! Please feel free to stop by any time to see my little house's metamorphoses.