Saturday eye candy...

My friend Joanna sent me the link to this article in the New York Times and a couple of the rooms were so pretty I couldn't help but share!
It was love at first sight with the art over the mantel. Isn't it something? This could be a DIY project — find your favorite book cover, apply a watercolor filter in Photoshop, blow up at your local Kinko's, and frame however you like!
I also love the contrast of white moulding and brass hardware in the bathroom. That glow you see is the result of a pink skylight over the shower. I'm not sure if I could do it in my own home but it sure creates an interesting effect!

Heidi Klein Bow Bikini Tops

Let's cap off the week with two new arrivals at Shopbop that stopped me in my tracks. You know when you see something and think, "That was made for me!" and suddenly have to have it? Case in point:
Heidi Klein bow bikini tops in cream and stripe

Have you ever seen a cuter or more flattering bikini? I think not. Now to plan the trip where I'll actually get to wear them ;) Have a happy weekend!

P.S. Whatever you're up to this weekend, be sure to check out the 30% off sale at Gallery Wall. That means original watercolors for $7 each! 

Lilly Pulitzer Home

It's not every day that I happen upon a furniture designer whose wares I absolutely adore so when I do I think it's cause for celebration. Won't you indulge me in a little Lilly Pulitzer daydream?
Pink walls, white floors, and bright yellow barstools? Total eye candy.
This Greek key chair reminds me of this pillow in my boutique!
How stunning is this floor  mirror and pink armchair? I think I'm in love.
- - -
Even if these pieces are out of your budget, I like to think there's lots of styling inspiration to be had. The collection definitely has me wanting more pink in my life! Shop the entire line at Neiman Marcus.

J.Crew's Ballet Boutique

If there's one brand that gets the bulk of my spending money, it's J.Crew. Their stores are pretty, their website is great, and their products (and styling!) rarely disappoint. And then they come out with a campaign like this one and I'm at a loss for words...
The Ballet Boutique. Seriously have you ever seen anything more gorgeous? And do indulge for one moment: can you imagine having all forty-eight pairs in your closet? Oh, J.Crew, I think it's safe to say you've done it again.

New arrivals!

Pardon this iPhone snap of my desk but I had to let you know that we've welcomed a few new arrivals to the boutique, including this little baby topiary
I have two on my desk (trust me, you don't want to see the other half in its current state) and I think they are about the cutest things, well, ever. Check out what's new and let me know what you think!

Neon Pink Perfection

There's pretty in pink and then there's perfect in pink. I'll let you decide...
Criss cross straps, neon pink leather, and reasonably priced? Rebecca Minkoff, you've outdone yourself. Get yours HERE.

Boutique Updates

I think it's always helpful to see products styled as they would be in real life so I've been snapping a few Instagrams every now and then to show you how I'm using items from my boutique in our home or my wardrobe. 
Greek key pillow covers in hot pink and navy blue on our family room sofa.

My cousin Emily modeling the Dabney bib necklace.

Patterned matchboxes that are pretty on their own and even more fun in multiples!

This #ThingsWeLove pencil set is a very happy addition to my desktop. Who else loves ballet flats, monograms, and snail mail?

Create an instant arm party by pairing the Corrin and the Lindsey bracelets. 

I'm dying to know: which items in the boutique are your favorites? What new additions would you like to see? For those who have asked, new inventory will be added as soon as TOMORROW!

Navy Blue + Red

You might have noticed that I use a lot of blues, pinks, and whites in outfit posts or just in general. As a redhead, I am totally skeptical of rocking red, orange, and yellow. But when I spotted this Alice + Olivia belt in the new arrivals at Shopbop, I started to think there just might be a way for me to branch out (in small doses, of course!)...

Fun, don't you think? The belt might just be one of my investment pieces for spring/summer — it would work with so many of my navy looks! You could also work in this wallet if you're really into red (or tassels!). Are there colors you're reluctant to wear?

Kate Spade Wicker Bags

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments on this morning's post. You have proven (yet again) that I have the most amazing readers and I am so grateful for your kind words. In an effort to get back to normalcy around here, I had to share these too-cute-for-words Kate Spade wicker bags new at Nordstrom. I mean...

I'll take the first for summer parties, the second for shopping in town, and the third for picnics in the park ;) Aren't they something? Shop the entire collection at Nordstrom.

For Fenway

I normally start each week with "Happy Monday!" but I'd be remiss if I did not mention something that's occupying the bulk of my thoughts today. Our puppy Fenway unexpectedly passed away over the weekend and our hearts are full. 
Fenway lived a full and happy life curled up at the foot of my bed or perched in my lap as I typed many a blog post. In fact we'd come to think of him as Design Darling's very cute (though largely unhelpful) resident intern.
We've spent the past few days remembering all the times he made us laugh and the many everyday moments we took for granted. My dad, the biggest Red Sox fan I know, was quick to point out that Fenway led the team to two World Series championships in his seven years, a feat that many others had waited 86 years for.
Here's hoping heaven is full of cuddles, doggy friends, and people food. Fenny, we love you and miss you more than you know.

Coffee Table Styling

My dear friend Katie shared this snapshot of her coffee table on Instagram the other day and I thought it was too gorgeous not to share with all of you. Clearly Katie has coffee table styling down to an art! For those of us not as well-versed, I've broken it down and shared a few ideas on how to get a similar look for your space...

Top stacks of design books with a decorative objet like this quartz votive holder or a souvenir from your travels. Store colorful matchboxes near your favorite candle and finally add fresh flowers or a topiary to bring it all to life. Soon enough you'll have Katie's high style in your home! What are your tips for styling a coffee table?

Blue + Yellow

As a redhead I stick to wearing colors I know work with my coloring (hence the obsession with navy blue). But lately I've been tempted to venture outside my comfort zone just a bit. I'd probably steer clear of a yellow top...but maybe I could start with these fabulous yellow pants?

Paired with a classic oxford shirt and a basic navy clutch, they might just be the perfect compromise between trying something new and still feeling like myself. What new colors or styles are you tempted to try these days?

Pretty in Pink

Today is the first official day of spring and naturally I'm using that as an excuse to share a few of my current obsessions in my favorite spring color! Bright, neon, pale, or somewhere in between, there's just something about pink...  

These pillows are seriously dreamy in person (of course I'm keeping a pair for my future apartment!) and I just ordered this skirt so I'll let you know how it works out! What pink things are you loving lately? 

P.S. See more of my favorites on Currently Obsessed!

His & Hers

Temperatures crept into the low 60s here in Connecticut this weekend and I for one couldn't be happier that we never really had a true New England winter this year. Bring on the sunshine!

I am obsessed with Michael's new pants from Castaway Clothing! Clearly he needs a pair in pink as well ;)  Also I am totally cool with wearing white jeans before Memorial Day. (In fact I'm eyeing these as my next pair!) What are your thoughts on the matter and how was your weekend?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's been a busy week here at Design Darling HQ and my weekend will be spent ordering new products, packing shipments, and photographing some super cute new arrivals! It's a good thing I love my job ;) For those of you who have a more festive weekend in store, here's a little outfit inspiration featuring the tried-and-true combo of navy blue and emerald green...

What are you up to this weekend? And (just as fun!) what will you be wearing? Whatever it is, have a good one!

Sweet Lemon Magazine

When you have a moment, please pop over to my friends Carly and Melissa's darling digital magazine, Sweet Lemon! You might just see a familiar face (on the cover, eek!)...
I was interviewed about opening Design Darling {The Boutique} and got to spend a day in New York shooting pictures with the Sweet Lemon team (and the ever patient Michael, of course!).

This face pretty much sums up how I was feeling all day: a little shy and a lot happy.
{Wearing my favorite J.Crew blazer, J.Crew shirt, Loren Hope necklace, Jules Reid pants, Lilly Pulitzer bangle, and Forever 21 heels.}

See the whole feature here!

Kate Spade Carousel Watches

I might as well have titled this post "Kate Spade Does It Again" because it seems this beloved brand can do no wrong when it comes to accessories. Case in point? These charmed new arrivals: glossy enamel wristwatches in some of my very favorite colors...

The definition of darling. What are you feeling — crème de la crème, tickled pink, or the calm before the storm? Shop the entire collection at Nordstrom.

How To Decorate Your Foyer

It's the first thing you see when you walk in the door — so it might as well be pretty, right? There are a few things to keep in mind while decorating this compact but heavily trafficked part of your apartment or home. Here's a pretty little foyer I've envisioned...

1. Create a focal point. This graphic silk scarf dictates the color palette for the space and directs the eye toward a pretty tabletop vignette and not that unsightly ceiling fixture your landlord refuses to replace.

2. Be practical. Fresh flowers get expensive! This topiary is a great cost-effective and long-term alternative for those with a black thumb (you only have to spritz it once a month!). If you have the space, an extra dining chair is perfect for pulling on rain boots and can be dragged elsewhere when you're entertaining.

3. Use stylish storage. A small lacquer tray is a great place to toss keys and mail when you walk in the door while a braided basket keeps backpacks, shoes, etc. tucked out of sight!

- - -

What are your favorite tricks for tackling your foyer?

Anna Dello Russo on The Coveteur

Does it get any dreamier? Check out the full feature here.

Ras Open Toe Wedge Espadrilles

In tan, hot pink, and navy, these shoes have my name written all over them. If only they weren't quite so pricey...
...Get yours here.

Plain Shift Dresses

There's something delightfully retro about a simple shift dress in navy blue or, better yet, hot pink. Here are two ways I'd style the look: 

As it warms up this week in Connecticut, I could definitely swing either of these looks! Which one do you prefer?