101 IN 1001

My second list of 101 things to do in 1001 days! (See my first list here.) I'm really proud of everything I accomplished through my first list and publishing it here definitely held me accountable for getting things done. So here it goes: my second list and another 2.75 years to achieve as many goals as possible. Let's do this thing!

Starts January 1, 2014

Ends September 14, 2016

{25 complete, 76 to go!}

1. Reconnect with French host mom (January 2014).
2. Reconnect with my favorite high school teacher (March 2014).
3. Reconnect with my gymnastics coaches.
4. Go one month without ordering takeout (June 2014).
5. Go one month without shopping (January 2014).

6. Go one month without taking a single taxi (June 2014).
7. Volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about.
8. Read five biographies.
9. Read five classics (1/5 — Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald).
10. Read at least thirty new books total (3/30 — The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss, The Here and Now by Ann Brashares, #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso).
11. Start collecting something besides coffee table books.
12. See three concerts.
13. Go to bed at 10 p.m. every night for two weeks.
14. Wake up every day at 5 a.m. every day for two weeks.
15. Be able to do all three splits and my balance beam scale again.
16. Unplug completely for 24 hours (no internet, iPhone, television, etc.).
17. Learn how to tie a tie.
18. Invest in grown-up luggage.
19. Find a Pilates/yoga buddy and make it part of my routine to go often!
20. Read for thirty minutes every night for one month.
21. Double donations to Bucknell each year.
22. Successfully donate blood.
23. Get a keratin treatment and blog about it.
24. Vote in a non-presidential election.
25. Donate to a Kickstarter campaign I believe in.

26. Switch to Gmail (I know, I know...) and unsubscribe from unwanted email lists (January 2014).
27. Upgrade to the iPhone 5S and update all my apps (January 2014).
28. Open a retirement account and set up automatic deposits.
29. Redesign my blog (yay!).
30. Host a blogger brunch in the city (February 2014).
31. Start a new blog series (career spotlights, March 2014).
32. Buy Photoshop and take Blogshop (March 2014).
33. Coordinate a boutique photo shoot and look book.
34. Design boutique packaging.
35. Hire my first full-time employee.
36. Hire interns (May 2014).
37. Share office space with fellow small business owners in the city.
38. Host a brand event in a different city.
39. Launch a video series.
40. Design and manufacture my own product.
41. Publish three “how to” posts (1/3 — how to make a peony wreath).
42. See a TED talk live (May 2014).


43. Have my friends out to Connecticut for ice skating. 
44. Mail care packages to each of my siblings.
45. Send flowers to my grandmother one day out of the blue.
46. Make five recipes from my grandfather’s cookbook.
47. Have my grandmother teach me how to needlepoint.
48. Have my dad teach me how to dive (embarrassing...).
49. Run a 5k with my mom.
50. Make someone I love breakfast in bed.
51. Give each member of my family at least one awesome present.
52. Give five “just because” gifts.


53. Move downtown (March 2014).
54. Have my next apartment professionally photographed. 
55. Try twenty new restaurants in New York.
56. Finish my Design Darling New York City guide (see the start of it here!).
57. Find a church I like in the city (June 2014).
58. Finish all the tasks in my sister’s New York book.
59. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge (May 2014).
60. Visit three museums.
61. Have a real Christmas tree in my apartment.
62. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
63. Try SoulCycle.
64. Organize a scavenger hunt with friends.
65. Take a staycation in the city.
66. Brush up on my French.
67. Buy (and subsequently keep alive) a lemon tree for my apartment.
68. Plant something for my window / fire escape ;)

TRAVEL (3/14)
69. Travel to a new state.
70. Travel to a new country.
71. Travel to a new continent.
72. Try ten new restaurants on Nantucket (3/10 — Queequeg's, The Galley, The Lobster Trap).
73. Rent Vespas on Nantucket (June 2014).
74. Create a Design Darling Nantucket guide.
75. Visit my friend Sara in Atlanta (January 2014). 

76. Visit my cousin Sarah in Washington, D.C.
77. Visit my grandmother in Florida.
78. Visit my brother wherever he studies abroad.
79. Visit Austin with Will (April 2014).
80. Visit Miami with Eddy.
81. Take a trip with my girlfriends.
82. Take a trip with my mom and sister.

83. Leave a 100% tip for great service (Café Cluny, February 2014).
84. Start a book club.
85. Take a calligraphy class.
86. Throw a pot (August 2014).
87. See three Broadway plays (Beautiful, Book of Mormon, The Lion King, March 2014).

88. Watch the sun rise.
89. Spend an afternoon at a botanical garden (June 2014).
90. Have my makeup professionally done.
91. Play mini golf (April 2014).
92. Go to an amusement park (May 2014).
93. Learn to open a bottle of champagne (May 2014).
94. Learn to start a fire in the fireplace.
95. See a movie outdoors.
96. See an NBA game.
97. See an NFL game.
98. See an NHL game.
99. See a tennis match.
100. See a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.
101. Do a polar bear plunge.

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