hat  //  sunglasses  //  bracelet  //  anchor dress  //  bag  //  bow sandals (also available as wedges!)

This weekend Will and I are off to Princeton reunions. I've never been (and feel a little out of place as a Bucknell grad...) but I'll get to hang with a bunch of our friends and spend some time in the sunshine so no complaints here. I'm obsessed with this darling little anchor dress and I can't wait to get my hands on these bow sandals — just need to decide whether I'd get more use out of the flats or the wedge version. Any opinions? 

I'm sad to be missing the big polo match this weekend but it's crazy how quickly my summer is filling up with seasonal festivities: baseball games, jaunts to Nantucket, wedding weekends... In my opinion t's the most wonderful time of the year! And not just because I have a summer birthday ;) Have a great weekend and before you go, tell me: what's one thing you're looking forward to this summer?

10 UNDER $100

Ten fashion and home finds for less than $100. Have you scored any good deals recently?


I ran out of serving pieces the morning of my housewarming brunch and dashed to Sur La Table an hour before the party to pick up a few extras. One of the pieces I bought was this white cake stand, which we used for serving macarons. While doing dishes after everyone left, I realized that the cake stand was too pretty to live inside a cabinet. So I put it to use displaying pretty perfume bottles instead! I love a piece that does double duty... Ahem ;) Do you have any similar tips or tricks? I always love to hear from you!


One of the best parts of running my online boutique is seeking out fresh new designers whose creations I think my customers would enjoy. Lindsay and I first met for coffee a few months ago and I was instantly smitten with her colorful designs and, even more awesome, her mission to give back. Touched by a trip with her mom to Tanzania in 2004, Lindsay pledged to donate 10% of each sale to an orphanage there and has since put four kids through high school. As a teacher in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she noticed students in need of reading help and transitioned to donating 10% toward literacy in Teton County. She recently relocated to New York and intends to contribute to nationwide literacy programs as her business grows. An eye for design, a desire to give back, and an obvious passion for what she does... Lindsay is a huge career inspiration to me and I can't wait to introduce her work to all of you!

Name: Lindsay Wagner
Age: 26
Title: Owner, Lindsay's Necklaces
Location: Upper East Side, New York City

What was your first job ever? Did you always want to design jewelry?
I started making necklaces ten years ago as a sophomore in high school. I made them for fun — graduation presents for friends. People would say, "Oh, my aunt owns a store in Caliornia, my mom has a boutique in Florida, have you thought of selling here or there?" All of a sudden, I was in thirty boutiques and had turned my hobby into a nice little business. I was so young! I had just gotten back from a trip to Africa where there was one boy who was really talented in architecture. As I started making money selling necklaces, I wanted to pay for him to get through school. We wound up putting two boys and two girls through secondary school in Tanzania. 

Congratulations! That's such an incredible cause. Have you been running this business for ten years straight?
The business tapered off in college and then I moved to Jackson Hole to teach for three years. But this year I decided I wanted to try New York and this is where I had to be to make the business work. There have been ups and downs and plenty of challenges but it's been an exciting process.

Tell me about the process of designing a new piece.
I love traveling — a lot of my designs are inspired by the people I meet and the colors I see in different places. I get inspired to do different things with different textiles... I'll even have friends bring back fabric from their trips! Each necklace is cut and sewn individually, beaded, and then sewn again at the end.

How do you stay organized?
If you clean up as you go, anything can be organized fast. The best time to do something is when you're thinking about it. 

That's awesome advice. What's inspiring you lately?
I just got back from Burma, Thailand, and Laos and came back with tons of new silks. I spent time in weaving villages and these incredible floating markets that we had to take a canoe to get to. I'm so inspired when I met the people who are working so hard to create the fabric that I get to work with.

How would you describe your average customer?
There are older women who are wearing Lindsay's Necklaces to bridge and little girls who wear them to school. We work with everything from Lilly prints that are super preppy to African prints that are a little edgier... There's really something for everyone! I'm all about a colorful woman who wants to make a statement. My grandmother was my biggest supporter!

What does a typical day look like for you?
I try to go for a run, drink a cup of coffee, and respond to all my emails. Then I sew, fill orders, ship everything out, and schedule a lunch or meeting to make sure I get out of my apartment every day!

What’s the most and least fun part of your job?
The least fun is bookkeeping and keeping track of receipts. The most fun is picking out the fabric and traveling to go get it all! And I love direct sales — it's pretty amazing to meet people who are just as excited about the product as I am.  

What’s one “pinch me” moment you’ve had so far?
I was walking down Lexington Ave. with my mom and there was a woman walking toward us speaking in French. I realized she was wearing my necklace so I ran down the block and was like, "I love your necklace!" and she went, "Oh! You have one too!" I wear them literally everywhere I go. I'll know I've made it when every woman in the world is wearing one!

Any advice for someone who wants to design jewelry?
You really have to love what you do — you can always see it when people don't. The second I lose excitement, so will Lindsay's Necklaces. Just stay true to yourself and keep your soul in it!

Keep up with Lindsay:


It's a pretty rare occasion that my three siblings and I are all at home at the same time. With me working in New York, Reilly working in Massachusetts, Grayson at school in Pennsylvania, and Camden in high school in Connecticut, it just doesn't happen nearly enough. The stars aligned this weekend, though, and we got to spend Sunday dinner and all day Monday as one big happy family. (Has anyone else found that they're even closer to their siblings now that they're a little bit older? All the petty arguments have stopped and it's pretty much constant storytelling and tears-rolling-down-your-face-can't-take-a-sip-of-water kind of laughter.)

On Sunday night, we sat outside on my parents' back deck and ate berries, corn on the cob, hamburgers and hotdogs for the non-vegetarians, yummy salad, and Brussels sprouts from my mom's garden... Easily the best meal I've had in months and the most I've laughed probably since we were all together at Christmas. On Monday morning, we woke up early, got coffee, and found seats for the Memorial Day parade. Camden is an EMT with the local ambulance crew (run by high school students... no big deal) so we were sure to embarrass him with lots of cheering when he walked by. I also ran into my old gymnastics coaches which was a welcomed blast from the past.

Then it was off to Rowayton for lunch by the water. We almost always skip lunch at a real restaurant in favor of grabbing a baguette, cheese, and fruit and eating on the back deck at Rowayton Market overlooking the water. Highly recommend! Then it was time for a leisurely stroll around my favorite Connecticut town. There are so many beautiful homes and views I figured it'd be rude not to share ;)

Patriotism at its finest.

Adore this little garden planted on top of a stone wall!

I'd like to camp out in these Adirondack chairs all afternoon, please and thank you.

If you live in the tristate area and you're looking to plan an easy weekend day trip, put Rowayton on your list! It's an hour long train ride from Grand Central and has the feel of Nantucket without the travel time. And don't forget an ice cream cone from 101... There's an amazing art gallery in the back and the Mount McKinley mint is not to be missed ;)

What's your favorite day trip in New England? Always love to hear your recs! xx


wallet c/o Kate Spade  //  coral cuff  //  vintage sunglasses  //  beach blanket  //  bow wedges

As much as I love spending time in the city, I'm super excited to be hitting the road for the next couple weekends. We attended a wedding last weekend (so so so fun!), have my boyfriend's college reunion next weekend, and will finally be getting up to Nantucket the first weekend in June. This new travel tote from Kate Spade will definitely be making the rounds! I'm obsessed with the clear exterior (I'll never "lose" my phone again...!) and of course the bright red bow. It's available exclusively at their East Hampton boutique but you can find it online here and here. Among my other summer essentials? A monogrammed bikini, striped sundress, and Turkish towel for impromptu picnicking or sunbathing. 

If you're all packed with nowhere to go, be sure to enter Kate Spade's sweepstakes for a free trip to Rio! #yesplease. What summer trips do you have planned? Do tell!

kate spade new york summer favorites:

*This post is sponsored by kate spade new york.


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12. Rosé and flower arranging... Bookmarking this for my next girly get-together.

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15. The color of this maxi dress is to die for.


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Serena & Lily
20% with code SUMMER 20. My picks: buoy pendantstriped duvet, tassel curtains.

New markdowns. My picks: my new espadrilles, perfect picnic dresspink wedges.


Road trip! We're hitting the road and heading to Philadelphia for a wedding. (I'll be wearing the dress you all picked out for me!) I'm excited to get out of town for a couple days, meet a bunch of new people, and hit the dance floor. I'd like to wear the above outfit for the drive out there... I saw this dress on a girl at an event with Sleepy Jones this week and immediately had to have it. We might have time for brunch on Sunday before heading back to the city so Philadelphia peeps, please leave your suggestions in a comment! Happy weekending and thanks for reading! xx


one  //  two  //  three  //  four (j'adore)  //  five  //  six  //  seven  //  eight (back in stock!)
nine  //  ten  //  eleven  //  twelve (only $20!) //  thirteen  //  fourteen  //  fifteen (on sale!)

Bring on the brights! You know I'm all about #navyornothing but one of the things I love most about my favorite color is that it pairs so well with many others. This navy tank (love the cut!) with these seersucker shorts, a colorful tassel necklace, a powder blue bag, this bright yellow iPad case... You get the idea! In a way, navy is my favorite neutral. What's yours?

P.S. Do not even get me started on this art print (or anything in this sale for that matter). Hung next to a hot pink map? Y-E-S.


I've been bit by the entertaining bug lately (blogger brunch, derby party, housewarming...) and definitely didn't need another excuse to throw a party but here it is anyway: J.Crew for Paperless Post. That's right, your favorite retailer designed digital invitations that you can email straight to family and friends. Gather the girls? Don't mind if I do.


I don't know about you but it seems like all anyone ever talks about these days in New York is what workout they're doing. (Fun fact: when I lived in San Francisco, the go-to question was what restaurants I'd been frequenting lately!). Bikram, boot camp, Flywheel, Pure Barre, SLT, SoulCycle... It's honestly a totally new vocabulary! With summer coming up and several trips to the beach on the horizon, I've definitely been more motivated to work out. I went for a run along the Hudson River on Monday and became totally aware of two things: 1) I am totally out of cardio shape and 2) my workout wardrobe needs a lot of work. Half of being motivated to work out is looking the part, right? My mismatched shorts-and-sneakers combo paired with a ratty college t-shirt isn't exactly inspiring. This is more like it...

top  //  hair ties  //  shorts  //  sneakers

clockwise from aqua at top:
aqua  //  hot pink  //  teal  //  turquoise  //  pink  //  lavender  //  red  //  lime

I'm thinking it's time to make my activewear selection a wardrobe priority: leggings and tops from Thomas Kelly, running shorts from Krass & Co., and a rainbow of Nike sneakers. They've always been my favorite sneaker (we're talking since middle school gym class here, people) and I'm excited to slip into a new pair of the Nike Free 5.0 this summer. Have you ever seen cooler color options in your life? I know it's not all about fashion but, actually, wait, isn't it? Which is your favorite color?!

Shop the post:

*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! 


I'm not much for arts and crafts but every now and then I stumble upon a do-it-yourself project that looks, well, doable. I love to paint furniture (past projects here and here) but I think it would be fun to branch out and try some paper or party decor projects. Here are a few ideas that caught my eye on Pinterest... 

7. Pelmet boxes (did this for my last apartment!)

Are you a big DIY-er? What's the last project you tackled?