If you could choose three pairs to come live in your closet, which three would they be?!

P.S. Don't forget to take advantage of Shopbop's spring shopping event ending today!

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It's here, it's here! Shopbop's spring shopping event runs through tomorrow and I've already taken advantage! Here are my top ten picks in case you're eager to add something to your cart (and why not, with free shipping and returns?!):

1. A classic Tory Burch wallet (I have it in tan!)

I picked up this and this (future outfit posts perhaps?) and it's taking all my self-restraint not to place a second order before the promotion ends! What goodies are coming to live chez vous? Do tell!

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As I'm walking Rory around the neighborhood, I'm constantly taking note of places I need to visit when I find myself out and about sans my canine companion. A new-to-me boutique, grocery store, nail salon, restaurant... You name it. My latest nearby obsession is Journelle, an adorable lingerie boutique that has three locations in the city and also offers online shopping (with free shipping!). 

I stopped in to shop for couple new bras — truthfully, not the most fun errand and one that I'd been putting off for probably too long — and surprisingly fell in love with the playful branding, upbeat sales associates, and the amazing little number above: Ongossamer's Bump It Up bra. If you didn't think you could get excited about something so very simple, think again. The low neckline and seamless finish mean you can wear it underneath every top in your closet — but it's the French knot center that has me sold. It's a darling little detail on its own but it can also be twisted a second time for a little extra va va voom ;) Affordable, practical, and subtly sexy? You can bet I bought it in both colors!

P.S. For more NYC favorites, check out the comments on this post!

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Thank you for your thoughtful comments on Friday's post! You all know how to make a girl feel sparkly and new ;) Speaking of, have you heard?! There's a fresh batch of new arrivals in the boutique, including a brand spanking new bath section! I hope you love what you see :)

And to keep the conversation flowing this week, let's bring back So Tell Me About Yourself!

Favorite quote:
Furthest you've ever traveled:
Guilty pleasure:
One thing on today's to do list:
Trend you're over:

Copy and paste to leave your answers in the comments! Here are my answers:

Favorite quote: "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." —Walter Isaacson
Furthest you've ever traveled: Istanbul, Turkey
Guilty pleasure: Getting sucked into Bravo marathons
One thing on today's to do list: Finally replace the lightbulb above my bed... Am I the only one who puts off chores that will actually take thirty seconds to complete?!
Trend you're over: Foxes on everything 

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I can't believe I've been living in New York for six weeks! The time has truly flown by and yet it feels like so much has happened in a brief period of time. I've realized my friends and I keep having variations of the same conversation: how crazy it is to be 23, living in this incredible city, feeling like the world is your oyster, and yet having so many things up in the air. Apartments, careers, friendships, relationships... There are so many moving parts and so little real stability.

The past month has brought a lot of unexpected changes. Move in a week after Christmas? Why not! Head to Salt Lake for a few days? Let's do it! Time for fashion week? RSVP yes! And for all the happy moments I've shared on Instagram and Twitter, truthfully I've been in a bit of a funk. As some of you noticed, my boyfriend and I decided to part ways after three years together. Trying to maintain a happy demeanor while nursing a broken heart is exhausting. Running my business out of my little apartment has been a huge adjustment. Heck, even raising a puppy in the city has been more challenging than I'd anticipated.

I don't say any of this to complain but simply to keep it real. As someone who craves routine, I struggle with the feeling that nothing is really on solid ground right now. But there's always a silver lining, especially in New York. Every walk around the block is reenergizing. For every sadness and stress, there's a bright spot — a funny text message, a new favorite coffee shop, a night out with girlfriends, a tried-and-true T.Swift dance party. My friend Eddy has been helping me pack orders a few days a week, which has pretty much rocked my world. There have been bad days, yes, but on the good days I get the sense that something amazing could happen the very next moment. And I'll be here, right where I'm supposed to be, when it does.

I know this hybrid of confusion and excitement isn't unique to being 23 or to living in New York. I imagine lots of you are in the same boat – embracing adventure, making mistakes, realizing that maybe there's no such thing as having it all figured out (or maybe that it's more fun not to). As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. And thank you all for being part of this crazy, exciting, weird time in my life. It wouldn't be the same without you. :)

*Images 1 / 2 / 3 and more New York favorites here

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While I missed the pops of color from their spring presentation, Raoul's fall collection definitely did not disappoint. Beading, bows, jacquard, peplums, ruffles... Girly girl heaven. Shop my favorites from Raoul's current collection in the slideshow below (and click over from email or Google Reader if you can't see it!).

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Is there anything better for a case of "I have nothing to wear" than a new pair of shoes? I finally gave into these beauties and suddenly all my go-to outfits look a little more appealing. Are you a bag, jewelry, or shoe kind of girl? Consider me an official convert to the shoe camp. Which pair shall I splurge on next?! ;)

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Hands down the show I was most excited to attend this fashion week was Milly. (Seriously you should have seen the happy dance I did when the invitation appeared in my inbox!) My photos of the runway were pretty lousy (and you can find great ones right here!) so instead I thought I'd recap my own experience attending the show. First and foremost, in the interest of full disclosure: I was waiting in line for standing room with Kiel and Sarah when an usher asked us to fill empty seats in the fourth row — hello, dream come true! I always get nervous walking into these kinds of events by myself so it was great to connect with a couple friends and have a chance to catch up at our seats (!!!) before the show began.
I'm probably not alone in thinking that the people watching at Lincoln Center is just as fun as attending the actual shows. I loved how much that one girl's neon pink blazer popped against the rest of the crowd!
See what I mean about getting a good runway shot? So not my forte. I think it's the crazy bright lights coupled with how fast the models are strutting their stuff... Not to mention my own inexperience behind the camera. You know what they say: practice makes perfect! (Although I will say it's kind of cool to look at this and see everyone in the front row chit chatting about the look coming down the runway...!)
I do believe that's Kim Cattrall third from the right! Any other famous faces you recognize?
The overall set-up... I loved the bright white "M" front and center!
I'll never tire of blue and hot pink together. That look totally stole the show in my book ;) Are you a big Milly fan? I'm anxious to see this collection hit stores this fall but in the mean time I've highlighted some of my favorite pieces available now in the slideshow below (click over to see if you follow in Google Reader!).

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You're looking at my spring/summer staple — striped shirts in every color with J.Crew shorts or white jeans. Predictable? Maybe a little but, hey, the classics are classics for a reason.

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1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

She's best known for her handbags but I think Rebecca Minkoff's new shoes for spring are giving the bags a run for their money. The strappy pair (top left) are the perfect summer sandal and the nude/silver wedges (middle right) have me reconsidering whether gold is really my favorite metallic. Super cute, don't you think? Makes me want to get a hot pink pedicure and cross off the days until spring ;)

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We had a taste of tolerable weather yesterday (above 40°...) and you can bet I jumped on the excuse to shed my winter coat and don some lighter layers! I'm kind of obsessed with this jacket and plan on wearing it well into spring. Everything else is part of my go-to uniform: my beloved bag, skinny jeans, and shoes with just the right amount of height (did I mention I'm 5'1"?).

P.S. Thank you for your enthusiasm for bringing back the outfit posts! I'll be aiming to take pictures once a week from here on out now that I'm settling into a new routine... Weather permitting of course ;)

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Let's make believe we're packing our bags and jetting off to a tropical locale. Which of these suits makes it into your carry-on?!

The J.Crew scalloped bikini and the bow bottoms are the no-brainer for me. I think I could buy them in multiple colors and then mix and match all imaginary vacation. What's your top pick?

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If running around New York in the snow this past week has shown me anything, it's how desperate I am for spring to hurry up and get here. Anyone else totally cool with fast-forwarding through February and half of March? I was already over the snow/slush/ice combo when this goodness popped up in Shopbop's new arrivals and I decided I need to flee the city in search of warmer climes. Behold the scalloped leather loveliness... 

Obsessed doesn't begin to cover it. Designed by Isa Tapia, they kind of remind me of the classic ChloĆ© scalloped ballet flats in summer form. Would you splurge on a pair of either?!

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It was such a treat to attend Kate Spade's fall presentation on Friday! I find I'm always happiest in a room full of bows, hot pink, and killer shoes ;) And I loved getting to catch up with blogger friends in from out of town. How gorgeous is Julia from Gal Meets Glam? Such a sweetheart. Stay tuned for pictures from other presentations and shows I'm attending this week — so proud of myself for actually lugging my real camera around for once! 

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