stationery lust

i know i'm not the first to blog about the beauty that is mr. boddington's studio but, on the off chance that you've spent your life beneath a large boulder, i thought i would share some of my favorites here anyway.
for the lazy ones who haven't sent out their holiday cards yet:
of course, those who were on their A game this year deserve a little somethin' somethin':

how about some stationery in a fancy navy pattern?
or a more whimsical set in lime and script?
let's not forget this orange and pink number!
these folks seem to have thought of everything: wedding invitations with maps, the most charming patterned envelope liners, monogrammed stamps for your envelopes... i think i'm in love.

p.s. merry christmas to anyone who might be reading!

bunk beds done right

now i know what you're thinking: bunk beds belong in dorm rooms and army barracks, right? wrong. as we look for ways to sleep sixteen people in our house this christmas, i'm thinking a room of gorgeous built-in bunk beds would be just the thing, especially if it looked anything like these examples:
a chic turquoise and lime color scheme lends a grown-up look to a playful set-up.
check out the details on the bed and the ladder — this room is not messing around.
bunk beds complete the unpretentious feel of a casual summerhouse.

and provide a jungle gym for their inhabitants!
another example of a sophisticated palette that allows the space to grow with the kids.

did these rooms manage to convince you?

style icon {blake lively}

the gossip girl star outshines her costars in age-appropriate looks for both day and night. preppy, tasteful, with the occasional pop of bright color... what's not to love?
not your average LBD... a square neckline and flirty peplum take this look to another level.
the popped collar and upswept hair keep this look fun and not too businesslike.
the perfect look for new year's eve: subtle with a bit of sparkle.
casual chic in jeans and boots.
girly girl: wavy hair, playful jewelry, platform sandals.
...then bam! she ups the wow factor in hot pink and leg-lengthening nude heels.
and the perfect note to end on: her signature tousled locks and this bangin' backless number.

i now present

...the uber-talented british photographer lucinda symons. aren't these photographs a refreshing break from the inundation of red and green everything?

decisions, decisions

i'm contemplating chopping off all my hair. since i started getting my very rebellious hair chemically straightened two years ago, i've dealt with curly roots growing in and split ends taking over. it would seem like a quick fix to just stop straightening it, cut off all the dead stuff, and give it a clean slate... but my hair has always been long. curly or straight, it's been red and it's been long. but the idea of short, healthy, nicole richie hair is so appealing. so what do you think? can this:
become this:

short but not too short, reasonably low maintenance, versatility as far as styling goes, a more professional look than the hippie hair i'm rocking right now... the list goes on. but can i take the plunge? people say it's just hair, it grows back... but it's my HAIR! ahhh.

fun finds {anthropologie sale}

blogworld rockstar jenny from my favorite and my best recently advised against ever purchasing anything from anthropologie at full price. taking a look at the items recently added to their sale section (which i'm sure will only expand after the holidays!), i can say that, as per usual, i agree with jenny.

anchor ornament, $9, was $18, lime
filigree branches bowl, $8, was $18, wine
rohini curtain, $70 - $90, was $98 - $118, yellow
muscadine curtain, $50, was $88 - $108, blue
esplanade bowl, $8, was $16, navy and mango

winter white

as much as i am attracted to color, i love the feeling of a white room. whether it's in a bathroom or a kitchen, there's something about winter white that screams endless possibilities. white is simultaneously calming and clean, neutral and bright. {photo credits in image titles.}
white walls, white windows, white cabinetry, white chairs, white flowers... yet there's nothing bland about it.
like a big huge snowball, but better.
the best kind of holiday decoration: subtle. i want to show this room to all the people with colored lights and inflatable santas just to remind them that christmas can indeed be done in good taste. earthy garland, shiny ornaments, plus-size pinecones, a fire going strong... this is what christmas should be.
exquisite white moulding and window panes.
white floors = absolute genius.
wouldyoulookatthatfireplace? therearenowords.
not exactly my taste but i adore the framed chair prints and the way they pop against that white wall.
i can say with certainty that i would never leave this shower.

santa claus is comin' to town

in the horan household, we're busy prepping the house for the upcoming festivities. there's garland adorning the banisters, presents being wrapped, stockings hanging from the mantel, and white lights everywhere. possibly getting the tree tonight, though by the time we get there we probably won't have many options. and you know what? i don't care. i'm just happy to be home and in the company of family and friends. (and ornaments and lights and all other pretty things). {photo credits in image titles.}

seating struggle

we're struggling to find the right seating arrangement for accommodating a large family and what will hopefully be a nice full christmas tree. the pottery barn sectional is so heavy to reconfigure and really not as "modular" as one might think. just as we're about to give up and have everyone sit on the floor, i thought i'd take a time out for inspiration via these gorgeous living rooms and practical seating arrangements. {photo credits in image titles.}
sectional seating to the extreme... i'm happy our couch is significantly smaller (though, unfortunately, so is our family room.)

this seating arrangement centered around the fireplace creates the perfect holiday atmosphere. except where does the tree go?!
aha! the perfect solution: do away with our existing furniture and seat everyone around a semicircular sofa. not sure where i'd go about finding one of these but at this point it's that or the floor... guests, take your pick.