All I want to do right now is shop. It happens every year: August rolls around and suddenly it's my birthday, New York Fashion Week is creeping up on us, retailers are rolling out their fall wares, and I. Cannot. Resist. But instead of buying everything in sight, I make a list of a few pieces I'd like to invest in each season. This fall? D'Orsay flats and lots of cozy sweaters, starting with a little white fisherman sweater. Wear it in August/September tied around your neck with white jeans or tucked into an A-line skirt, then layer it under a scarf or a blazer come October/November. Here are a few top picks:

What pieces do you have your eye on for fall?!


Unknown said...

Yes!! I love fisherman sweaters. I got two last year from H&M (I think there was a big sale) and I wore them constantly! I think this year I want to invest in some really good jeans and a blazer.

All That Glitters

Gabriela said...

That photo of Gwyneth is such amazing inspiration...so classic but modern at the same time! I love a white sweater in the fall in winter, it's so fresh among the greys and blacks.

Sarah said...

You can purchase Aran jumpers (the original fisherman's sweater) from the Galway Woollen Market and the Aran Sweater Market. they have great quality sweaters and they last forever!

Taste and Tact

Sarah said...

Ooh these are gorgeous! Makes me wish it were Fall right now!

Kelsey | Southern in Love said...

That first sweater picture is my absolute favorite! It's by Acne and unfortunately not available anymore (and it's also pretty pricey!). Love all of these cheaper and just as cute options!

Laura (bright and beautiful) said...

Such a classic look! I've been eyeing a few fall pieces lately, too ;)

katie said...

I love fisherman sweaters! They scream Fall, and will never fail to be fashionable. I picked up a great one from Steven Alan's sample sale a couple of weeks ago. The price was a steal and it's perfectly chunky!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Gwyneth Paltrow! I want to get fisherman sweater. Thanks for finding all of these great options (in a wide price range!).

preppylove said...

Sooo classic! I love them! The first picture is my favorite.


Christine said...

I love fisherman sweater! They are so classic and look good on everyone!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink said...

I love these sweaters! They are definitely making me ready for fall weather.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Lauren said...

Cozy sweaters are the best! Hope you are having a good birthday month!


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...


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