In the same vein as Monday's post on using a spare handbag strap for your camera, here's another super easy project you can accomplish in five minutes using materials you have on hand.

One of the biggest challenges in my studio is how to display and store accessories. Sure, I could throw everything in the abyss back of my closet — but then I find myself wearing the same baubles and bags day in and day out. Instead I want everything on display and neatly organized. The other day I thought, why not "file" my clutches the same way you'd sort your mail?

First I cut cardboard to place inside each clutch to help them hold their shape. (Same idea as storing a water bottle in your riding boots!) Some of my leather clutches were too floppy to stand upright so the cardboard was a necessary addition.

Next I went to the Container Store in search of a pretty letter sorter. Most people probably already own one but for $6 I found a pretty acrylic version. Sold! I was overly excited to get home and tuck my clutches into their new home.

Et voilà! They're completely organized and in plain view so I actually remember what I own. I even have a couple empty slots which I may or may not use as justification for adding a few new clutches to the rotation ;) P.S. These ones are American Apparel, Clare Vivier, Persifor, and K. Slademade

What do you think? I can't say it's life-changing but I'm all about an easy project that makes me feel just a teensy bit more organized!

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Chelsea Mac said...

This is such a great idea! How to store my clutches has always been an issue for me . Problem solved!

Portuguese Prepster said...

great idea!

Paula Jean | Sea Island Drive said...

This is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea!!

Anonymous said...


bright and beautiful said...

such a great idea! I live in a studio, too, and am always looking for ways to maximize precious space :) thanks for sharing!

Dana said...

Great idea! Mine are such a mess right now...

Lindsey Suggs said...

I know this is so not the point but I LOOOVE all of your clutches!

Caroline said...

Such a great idea! Definitely the perfect excuse to expand my clutch collection.

~ Caroline

Miss Margarita said...

love the idea!!

Jessie Springer said...

I have all of my clutches lined up on a shelf in my closet, but I love the idea of using a letter sorter to keep them from all being squished together! Thanks for the tip! :)


Miss Southern Prep said...

I love this idea!

Christine said...

What a fabulous idea! I love your clutch collection.



Just Another Shopaholic said...

Wonderful idea! I definitely will make use of this.

Hannah said...

Such a cute way to keep them all organized! Love this.

Champagne Lifetyle on a Beer Budget

Anonymous said...

Cutest idea Mackenzie! I love displaying my shoes, but I've never thought ti display my clutches! Must try :)

Kate said...

Great idea!! I'm most likely moving into a tiny studio next week (ahhhhh!!!) and I'm looking for any and all tips to help me stay organized in such a small space.

I can't wait for your home tour! and to shamelessly copy your studio ideas for arrangement and division... ;)

Ruby Girl said...


Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Waaaay better than my cardboard box storage!

Melinda DiOrio said...

Great idea! My clutches are stuffed in a picnic basket which I have to take out and empty every time I need to use one. I do prefer my accessories to be on display!

Stesha said...

the container store is amazing, I will have to pick a few of these up!


Angelica Golden said...

Brilliant idea! Will be making a trip to The Container Store soon.

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

I love this! And that arrow clutch is so cute.

Lauren Kingston said...

Mackenzie that is such a great idea! Love how innovative you've been in decorating your apartment. I'm so excited to see it featured on Glitter Guide!

Ola O. said...

Great idea!!

Katherine Diane said...

Great idea! I may have to do this.

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

such a cute and brilliant idea!

smash said...

Such a good tip!

Tia said...

Such a clever idea! Love it!

Suzane Mart said...

It's very lovely! Such vibrant color!
Thank you, keep them coming you know everyone loves a good picture


Deana Rose said...

I love it! Such an ingenious idea! I am definitely doing this soon as I have a lot of flat envelope clutches and no place to store this. I love this!


Erin @ Thanks, I Made It said...

between this and the camera strap you're on a roll with clever ideas! love!

Victoria said...

No, this is kind of life changing. Great idea, M!!!! xo, vmac

Mirna said...

Wow! Awesome idea. I'm definitely trying it. ^_^


Erin McFall said...

Wow what a great idea!!! Wish I had thought of this! I've always had problems figuring out how to store my clutches...especially since they don't have straps to hang them on! I am definitely going to use this in the future. Thanks :)

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