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Ralph Lauren blazer  //  Lands' End shirt (monogram it for $6!)  //  Allen Solly bowtie
Brooks Brothers pants  //  J.Crew socks  //  Driving loafers (similar)

Call me biased but there aren't many boys who do preppy menswear as well as my brother Grayson. He swears by classics like a navy blazer and driving loafers but isn't afraid of a playful detail (striped bowtie and knit ski socks). Everybody loves a boy in a bow tie...

P.S. Looking for more menswear? Check out my gift guide for guys!


Vineyard Vines vest (hello, great guy gift!)  //  J.Crew flannel shirt  //  Dang sunglasses

It's been way too long since the last Friends With Style post! I took these pictures of Eddy on a coffee break from work — this is as close to #navyornothing as it gets. Pretty sharp, don't you think? The Vineyard Vines vest is such an easy piece to pull together a look and it's a great gift at under $100. Oh and I'm convinced every boy should own a pair or two of desert boots for year-round wear... As you know, I live in mine ;)


Look who's back! Truthfully I love styling boys as much as I like getting dressed myself. Menswear is just as much fun to shop for if you know where to look! That's why I was so excited when my friend Nikki introduced me to Hugh & Crye, a D.C.-based brand whose dress shirts are sized by body type: athletic, lean, tall, etc. It's kind of genius for those of us buying shirts for our boyfriends, brothers, and dads — get rid of the confusing numbers (who knows their dad's neck size anyway?) and shop by build and height. Umm, why didn't I think of that?

Note to boys everywhere: you pretty much can't go wrong with complementary shades of blue. Navy, light blue, and brown boat shoes is kind of as good as it gets — and it's a look that works everywhere from a business casual office to happy hour with your college pals to date night with your lucky lady. Bonus points for navy gingham — I love gingham on boys as much as I love stripes on girls.

Do you dress your beau or your guy friends? (Or in this case, your male coworkers?) What do you love to see them in? Do tell! 

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Everyone say hello to my brother Grayson! He's working at a restaurant on Nantucket this summer and my brief trip happened to coincide with his first day off. Here's his bed-to-breakfast-to-beach look and Design Darling debut!
Polo t-shirt  //  Nautica swim trunks (similar)  //  Rainbow flip flops

If you find yourself 19 and single dining at Millie's this summer, do say hello!

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I've loved Carver's style as long as I've known her, which takes us back a solid 15 years to elementary school in Connecticut. She now lives in SoHo (soon to be West Village) and works at Ralph Lauren (just like Emily!). How cute is her very Design Darling color combo? Monogram, stripes, pop of color — check, check, check. She might have the most unique monogram of all time given that her last name starts with Q. And I love that she's not afraid to rock white jeans before Memorial Day... Rules were made to be broken, friends!


Brooks Brothers jacket (similar) // Vineyard Vines shirt // Cole Haan belt

Say hi to Wes! He's a Bucknell friend of mine who visited last weekend from D.C. and I couldn't resist shooting his cute outfit for weekend brunch. Plaid, polka dots, and a pop of orange — somehow he makes it work and looks good doing it. Don't you wish more boys would be this fearless with color? Real men wear pink... and apparently orange too ;)

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Forever 21 bag // Madewell signet ring (similar) // Louboutin wedges

Meet my friend Joanna! Joanna and I went to high school together in Connecticut and managed to keep in touch throughout college while she was at NYU. We now live three blocks apart on the Upper East Side and took these pictures yesterday before work on her rooftop. Joanna works in the comedy department at a talent agency and is one of the funniest and most stylish people I know. I'm kind of obsessed with this look, not to mention the fact that not everyone could combine Forever 21 and Christian Louboutin so seamlessly. P.S. Two words: hair envy.

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Ralph Lauren sweater // Forever 21 striped shirt (similar) // J.Crew jeans

Say hello to my cousin Emily! We were born 14 days apart and now live 13 blocks apart in New York. She's a merchandiser at Ralph Lauren and I'd be lying if I said I didn't steal her trench coat for Monday's outfit post. While we were taking pictures, Emily posed with an older woman in workout clothes and winked at various passersby. Three cheers for family/friends with great style and an even better sense of humor!

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Calvin Klein jacket (similar) // J.Crew shirt // Swiss Army watch
Ralph Lauren chinos // Braided belt from Argentina (similar) // J.Crew desert boots

How cute is my friend Eddy? He's been my right hand man at Design Darling for a couple months now and when he showed up in this get-up earlier in the week I knew it was time for a new series on the blog. I can't wait to rope in a few more friends and keep the outfit posts coming! In the mean time, let's note everything Eddy's doing right: you can't go wrong with blue on blue, every guy should own these pants in every color, and desert boots are possibly the most versatile shoe offering since the equally beloved boat shoe. Bravo, my friend! Next up, my cousin and partner-in-crime, Emily. I hope you enjoy! :)

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