the perfect pair

happy wednesday, everyone! i'm still on the lookout for the right pair of chairs for the bay window in my future bedroom. i already lost out on one pair from craigslist but these rooms have me convinced that the perfect chairs are out there somewhere just waiting to be discovered.

p.s. i was interviewed by the lovely tuesdai of a reflection by tuesdai and would love for you to check it out here!

inspiration board

one of the dozens of projects on my summer to-do list is to finally do something with all the pages i tear out of magazines. i want to avoid the teenager/magazine-plastered walls look and create an inspiration board. wouldn't it be nice to hang one in your closet to get inspired while you get dressed in the morning?

have you ever made an inspiration board? any advice for a first-timer?

Au Naturel

i love a beauty routine that's all about enhancing what you've already got: a quick coat of mascara, a bit of blush, and a light gloss on the lips. now if only my hair were naturally so perfectly tousled...
what is your beauty regimen?

friday finds

thank god it's friday! here are some lovely finds from this week on the interwebs.
scented glossy magazines made my week by confirming that flipping out will return on august 10...
katie discovered a treasure trove of vintage scarves...
i was shocked to learn i won an amazing giveaway on roséline's gorgeous blog...
sarah shone the spotlight on milan...
is it just me or does this forever 21 ring look a little like kenneth jay lane?
ally deepened her devotion to art walls...
garance shared this beauty...
i spent entirely too much time drafting a response to bailey's question on trends...
and i documented a day in my shoes as a jonathan adler intern for high-heeled foot in the door. please check it out if you have a chance and have a most wonderful weekend!


we're expecting a high temperature of 92 degrees here today! we've already discussed dressing to beat the heat but today i've got one simple wish: a pool! there's no better way to cool off on a sweltering summer day... and as these examples prove, they can be très chic to boot!

i'd even settle for a shady outdoor nook...

how are you keeping cool these days?


the foyer says "welcome" in a way no other room can. why? because by the time your guests reach your fabulously decorated living room or your glamorously high-tech kitchen, they've already formed their first impression of your home. make it a good one by brushing up on a few of my favorite foyers:
scour flea markets and tag sales for unique items could use as a console table — a place for keys and mail but more importantly the spot to stage a welcoming little vignette with fresh flowers and personal objets d'art.
incorporate color strategically. i believe this room is actually a master bath (can you imagine?) but the way the designer moves your eye around the space (orange in the photograph, then the boxes on the table, then the bag on the floor, then the throw blanket in the next room) should be applied to the foyer as well.
the foyer is also a great place to incorporate more luxurious fabrics or finishes than in the rest of your room. worried your kiddos will find a way to ruin your silk-covered stools? relocate them to the foyer, where they'll be used far less frequently but still contribute to strong visual impact.
your foyer should speak to the style of the rest of your home. think of it as giving your guests a sneak peek of what's to come — beachy, minimalist, vintage, modern, etc.

what does your foyer look like?

pink pick-me-up

i find myself needing a little pick-me-up this morning and it seems that a shot of pink is just the trick. i fell in love with this space by ames ingham when i spotted it on fallon's beautiful blog a lovely being — we've seen so many spaces with a pop of pink in flowers or pillows but i love the risk the designer took with pink paint on the walls. doesn't it look fabulous? it's definitely not for everyone but i think i would feel right at home.
i love the french doors and the lucite coffee table.
aren't the chairs amazing? i love how nicely the art above the fireplace complements the throw pillows on the couch.
what do you think? boyfriends and husbands aside, could you handle a pink room?

rent the runway!

happy monday, everyone. please tell me you've all heard of rent the runway! for those of you new to the game, the concept is this: pick a pretty dress (or skirt or necklace or cocktail ring) that you could never afford at retail price, rent it for four days, dazzle your friends with your cost-savvy designer duds, and return the dress after your event. they'll even deliver it in two sizes so you can be guaranteed the perfect fit!
gryphon's sequin striped set
retail: $535
rodrigo otazu's insanely chic crystal cuff
retail: $415
theory's pretty in pleats dress
retail: $450
susan hanover's sorbet necklace
retail: $220
lela rose's sparkle halter dress
retail: $1,095
janis savitt's starburst earrings
retail: $425

i love the idea — especially for those of you in the throes of wedding season! — since it's frustrating to invest in a pricey dress and find you won't wear it more than once with the same crowd (case in point: my beloved alice + olivia prom dress). yes, you could always go the forever 21 route, but wouldn't it be so much more fun to waltz in wearing giambattista valli or hervé léger? click here to find the perfect look for your next event.

something new {friday finds}

i thought i'd add a new little feature to the blog on fridays wherein i link to some of my favorite finds from the past week. i think it'll be a nice way to share the love and send you off to enjoy some lovely links to my favorite blogs, shops, etc.!

this week in blogland:
daniella shared her thoughts on collections...
this lucky lady got engaged (don't get me started on that ring!)...
j.crew delighted with new arrivals for you and yours...
this darling landed her first teaching job...
emily nailed the high-low mix...
i wondered how these babies would look on...
this controversial dialogue on decorating fees jenny opened up was not to be missed...
and katie found the cutest kiddo you ever did see (with a little surprise at the end!).

this weekend i'm photographing a little project for my sister's bedroom, scouring my local library for chelsea handler's first book and season one of mad men (do you watch?!), and hopefully catching a pilates class or two at some point. what are you up to?