1. A great outerwear purchase for fall.

2. Casual Friday done right.

3. Eat clean in August.

4. I loved reading all your advice on eyelash enhancers! 

5. I might scoop up this rain jacket before the Nordstrom anniversary sale ends!

6. Introducing Tory Burch Home! Blue and white perfection.

7. The right way to conceal under-eye circles.

8. Three perfect button-down shirts: one, two, three.

9. What to wear to sorority recruitment. (I was an Alpha Chi at Bucknell!)

10. Your guide to decor lingo.


Stamp in My Passport said...

Love the tips on covering undereye circles! I lost the genetic lottery and not matter how much sleep I get they are always present. Looks like I've been trying to cover them up wrong this entire time.

Kellyinthecity said...

Agreed--I've needed help in the undereye circle department for a while. Thanks for the tips! :)


preppylove said...

The eyelash enhancers tips were interesting! I've definitely thought of getting eyelash extensions before but I wish they were not so expensive and/or lasted longer!


Mary @ The Classy Cubicle said...

Thanks for including me! I'm LOVING your fall outerwear pick and having fun catching up on the eyelash enhancer info! Sadly, the good eyelashes were wasted on my BROTHERS in my family. It's just not right. XX

Caitlin C. said...

Thanks so much for including my post on rush outfits!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Mackenzie!

AniqaDreams said...

Loved this post. Specially nr. 1: A great outerwear purchase for fall.


Tracy said...

I was an Alpha Chi too! How exciting!


Lainey said...

I was an AXO as well.

Rachel said...

AXO here as well :)