desk du jour

plentiful sunshine and a pretty bouquet lighten up a very grown-up home office.

desk du jour

i am excited to announce the beginning of my first daily feature, desk du jour. in collecting pictures of spaces i admire, i realized i have a particular penchant for home offices. maybe it's just my obsession with school supplies, but i love seeing the places where people often spend the majority of their day and the innovative ways in which they make these spaces somewhere they can go to be inspired and productive. i hope you'll enjoy these daily inspirations as much as i do. without further ado, your first desk du jour:
everything you could possibly want in a home office: lots of natural light, pretty pictures and posters, and a big wide desk to spread out all your things.

fun finds {ban.do}

blogworld favorite ban.do has lots of pretty things in store for spring and summer. reasons why you'll love them as much as i do:
1. whimsical headpieces for every occasion or simply every bad hair day. (perfect while my hair is in this transitional, straight-to-curly, long-to-short, taking-on-a-life-of-its-own phase.)
2. said headpieces comprise four lines at varying price points ($22-$300) — something pretty at every price!
3. the owners have a blog that's as cool as they are.
6. i'll let the headbands do the talking. here are some of my favorites:
h, $50.
not only do i love the unlikely color combinations (turquoise/coral, navy/kelly green, etc.) but the circular bead appliqué was inspired by vintage millinery shop find — seriously, how cool are these girls?
p, $50.
the price is right for vintage inspired metallic lace trim finished with gray grosgrain ribbon.
no. 110, $165
this crystal appliqué could make your wedding.
there's something about the over-the-top color palette, larger-than-life flower, and unabashedly girly name (sparkling. garden. party.) that makes me covet this piece. (okay, and just about everything else in their store.)
see? i knew you'd agree.