blue is the new bold

happy monday, everyone! i hope you're all feeling rejuvenated from the weekend and getting ready to take on the week ahead!
everyone and her mother has been up in arms about the genius of this blue beauty and its victorian surroundings. (kudos to paula at two ellie for beating them to the punch.) let's take a moment to celebrate this dramatic hue in its prime.
a completely unexpected but couldn't-be-more-perfect royal blue headboard.
a saturated navy transforms a run-of-the-mill kitchen.
the tried-and-true combination of navy blue and hot pink. this one is seriously in the running for the color palette of my to-be-decorated senior year bedroom.
cadet blue has a starring role in this kitchen. isn't it fantastic with the white ceilings and wood trim?

perfection in navy blue and crisp white. further explanation not necessary.

time to travel

this is it, my loves! spring break has arrived and i am ready for an action-packed two weeks. here's the plan: two days in venice, a day in bologna, three days in florence, two days in rome, two days in athens, and six days lounging on the beach in ios. we have been planning this trip forever and i can hardly believe the time has finally come.
there will be lots of planes and trains and buses (the worst) but i'm going to enjoy every single second. michael and i are doing venice and bologna on our own, meeting up with his london friends for florence and rome, and then traveling with my tours friends for athens and ios. it will be such a great mix of down time and nights out! one week eating the world's best pizza, pasta, and gelato and another frolicking in the greek isles... what could possibly be better?
now before you tear up, i want you to know that i've planned ahead with two weeks of blog posts for you! that's right... you didn't really think i'd leave you hanging, did you?
which of these places have you visited? i'd love to hear your recommendations for "can't miss" restaurants and sights. scouring lonely planet is one thing, but personal travel tips are the best!
thank you for another wonderful week of blogging and have a happy weekend!

p.s. i always make travel look this good. don't you?

{photography by the one and only corrie bond}

Desk Du Jour

it's been too long since i've done a desk du jour feature so i thought i'd bring it back with a bang. this space-saving home office and its built-in desk, red and blue wallpaper, and red chippendale chair make me happy. what do you think?