A New Reason To Shop

My darling housemate Kelly sent me this picture over the summer and I've been waiting to share it until the holiday season was upon us! Isn't it genius? It's the perfect solution for all those shopping bags that are too pretty to throw away. As if you needed another reason to hit the shops this December...


Those who subscribe to The Rachel Zoe Report or follow the celebrity stylist on Twitter know that she invented the word "excessorize" to replace "accessorize" in her imaginative vocabulary. I'm usually a keep-it-simple kind of girl but these pictures are resonating strongly with me. Perhaps this month I'll break out of my comfort zone with a charming mix of bangles and, yes, multiple watches — pretty need not always be practical!

{Photos via a gorgeous blog on tumblr whose name I cannot remember — please help me out!}

High Ceilings

{Source unknown}

 Whether they're beamed, domed, or vaulted, high ceilings seem to me one of the greatest architectural luxuries. Particularly when paired with white walls and simple furnishings, they steal the show every time. An added bonus? The higher the ceiling, the taller the Christmas tree! Welcome to December, everyone!