Quote Du Jour

I love this one.
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Styling S.O.S.

I've promised pictures of my boudoir for too long and now that I have a willing photographer and a few angles in mind, I'm freezing on the styling. It's already a big step for me to have the room clean enough to shoot — but ready for its close-up? We're not quite there. Does anyone care to share their fail-safe tips for styling interiors?
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J.Crew Spring 2011

If this post didn't convince you that I love this collection, allow me to count the ways: head-to-toe white, different shades of pink-on-pink, studs on a sweater, pleats here, ruffles there, sequins everywhere. Yes, yes, and yes.

P.S. Thank you all for your compliments about my new look courtesy of Gadabout. I am so excited you love it as much as I do!