Shoe Dreams

Let's pretend for a moment that it's not freezing outdoors and that it's almost time to wear all the pretty spring shoes that stores are already putting on their shelves. Because these three [pricey] pairs make for some very lovely daydreams...

Isn't your dream closet filled with bows, espadrilles, and scallops? Ahhh, shoes ;)

Ikea Favorites

My parents are in the midst of redoing our family room and it's been fun to help them update the look from washed out beiges and tans to preppy navy blue and white. (Perhaps I need to take a few Instagram shots to share on Twitter!) When it came time to replace the sofa, they actually found two they love from Ikea — for just $399 each! And since Ikea is a budget-friendly option for so many shoppers, I decided it was high time I share a few of my favorite pieces.

I would never use all of these pieces in the same space but they are a great foundation for layering in different colors and textures — or tackling a few DIY projects! (Remember these? I'm also dying to try this, this, and this.) Have you used Ikea pieces in your home? I'd love to hear from you!

And so it begins...

...2012, of course, but also my post-holiday commitment to cutting down on the desserts and getting my butt to the gym. And, really, is there any better motivator than an adorable new bikini that beckons to be taken to the beach?

One-shouldered ruffled perfection, don't you think? Find it HERE.