I'm noticing a trend in my recent pins: collections! Books, paintbrushes, racquets, trophies, vases...
Side note: you could totally start an instant collection with these vases!

There's no more personal way to decorate! Tell me, what do you collect?

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Cat eye sunglasses, the perfect leather satchel, and two dreamy pairs of shoes... Here are a few classic neutrals I'm coveting at the moment:

What neutrals are you stocking up on for fall?

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One of my favorite things to do on Nantucket is buy an iced coffee in town (or an ice cream cone in 'Sconset!) and walk around looking at all the pretty houses and gardens. This trip's takeaway? You can never have too many hydrangeas!

On that note, I think I have a new favorite color: hydrangea blue. Toss it in the mix with hot pink, navy blue, and white and that's my dream color palette at the moment. Do you love hydrangeas as much as I do?

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