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I'm planning on moving into a new apartment at the end of February and I'm getting really excited for the change of scenery. I love my current apartment but I'm ready for a new neighborhood, a little more space, and... a new kitchen. There's a reason my current kitchen wasn't photographed for my home tour and it's pretty simple: it's kind of ugly. Tile floors, wood cabinets, appliances that don't quite work... not to mention my complete lack of domestic ability. I'm hoping a new apartment and new kitchen will inspire me to stop ordering takeout (ahem, see #4) and start dining in. 

And while we're at it, a few pretty kitchen accessories never hurt anybody. I have this soap in my bathroom and my kitchen and I'll pretty much find any excuse to wash my hands because it smells that good. What are your secrets for domestic bliss in the kitchen? Spill! 


locanda verde nyc tribeca
locanda verde nyc tribeca
locanda verde nyc tribeca
locanda verde nyc tribeca
locanda verde nyc tribeca

What: Sunday brunch at Locanda Verde with Amy and Carly

Where: 377 Greenwich Street, TriBeCa

Why: Location, location, location! And great outdoor seating in the summer.

WearingThis outfit! 

*All photos by Amy Stone

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A standard everyday look: striped shirt, skinny jeans, riding boots... And my new favorite watch. It was my favorite Christmas present and I've been wearing it literally every day since. There's a lot to be said for investing in pieces you'll use a ton. Some of my best purchases in 2013 were this coat, this jacket, and this entire outfit. What was yours?!

*All photos by Amy Stonefollow her on Instagram here (you will not regret it!)