Can you believe it's February already? It feels like we were just celebrating Christmas and New Year's but honestly I'm pretty happy we're one month closer to spring! Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a significant other or doing a gift exchange with your girlfriends (or both!), we've rounded up a few of our favorite girly gifts in the boutique and would love for you to check them out! Above are a few more ideas at a bunch of different price points — stay tuned for a gift guide for guys! 

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Helen Frankenthaler

Mark Rothko

How's that for a bright start to your Monday? I took a bunch of art history classes in college but I'm embarrassed to say it's been months since I set foot in a museum. And I live in New York! Something I need to work on for sure. Who are your favorite artists? Do you enjoy abstract art as much as I do? And what are your favorite museums, especially in NYC? I'll be taking notes!

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