Bag, Tag, Bag!

catherine from the shiny pebble has dared me to share the contents of my bag with you all! i have to admit it's really nothing exciting, but i'm excited i get to tag five more bloggers! here goes...
- elliott lucca demi bag a christmas gift from my boyfriend, this can be worn as a cross-body bag (perfect for traveling), a handbag, or a clutch (ideal for nights out). it fits all my travel documents and the metallic basket-weave goes with everything.
- train tickets from tours to the airport in paris for our trip to italy in april. eleven days and counting!
- mechanical pencils primarily because i had a standardized test last week, but they're always good to have on hand!
- coach gramercy patent skinny wallet pretty in pink and just the right size for the following: 30.95€ in cash, two credit cards, two student ID cards, two "frequent flyer" cards to local restaurants (la croustille for paninis and francesca for pasta), four paris metro tickets, one unused french library card, and one untouched make-up sample from a magazine.
- american passport where would i be without this guy? i love opening up to all the newly acquired stamps. it's filling up pretty quickly!
- burt's bees replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil as good as regular chapstick but leaves behind a dash of color.
- missing from photo (duh): panasonic lumix digital camera my dad and i spent a little too much time picking the perfect camera but at least we got it right in the end. i'm obsessed!

now for the fun part! not that i wouldn't love a sneak peek into all of your handbags (i'll fess up to being rather nosy) but here are the names of five lovely ladies i hope will be up for the challenge:
carissa from lowercase letters
fallon from a lovely being
jamie from glam latté
please don't disappoint, darlings! i'm looking forward to seeing what you've got.


The Shiny Pebble said...

How fun! You are so streamlined, girl. I love the purse. And I have the same burt's bee lip balm. Thanks for posting!

a lovely being said...

I'm so excited!! I've never been tagged before and I always secretly wish someone would have. I won't be able to participate until next week because my boyfriend has my camera (he always takes it! the scoundrel), so I hope that's OK. your bag is so cute, by the way :)
XO fallon

Jamie said...

Thanks for including me! I am up for the challenge!! Stay tuned tomorrow!


~M~ said...

I love Burt's products too!

ashlina {the decorista} said...

oooh super cute post.
just found your blog. and i love the name. adorable!!!!!


carissa said...

thanks for tagging and thinking of me! : ) i love your purse and all that's in it.

Anonymous said...

i love your pink coach skinny wallet! so glossy and pretty. :)

That Girl in Pearls said...

Definitely never go anywhere without my Burt's Bees!! The passport? I am notorious for losing it EVERYWHERE. So if it's in my bag, that's a good thing! Cute post!


Lovely Little Nest said...

Love your idea on my "working wardrobe" post about pairing the dress with a blazer and boots!

Be sure to check out my first Giveaway! :)

Unknown said...

A bit jealous of how lightly you travel! Fun idea!

tam pham said...

i'm like you...no clutter in my purse...can't deal with it.

Cara Kuhl said...

how fun! I'm loving your blog dear ~ your style, and way of life!

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