i have a beloved black cashmere sweater from rugby that i have absolutely worn to threads but can't seem to stop throwing on when i seem to have exhausted all other options. sure, black is basic and cashmere is soft, but the real reason i keep coming back to this piece is its silhouette: a high boatneck in the front and a low scoopneck in the back. it's a versatile piece that provides warmth under a blazer but whose sexy shape can more than hold its own once the blazer comes off. here are some beautiful backless finds you might incorporate into your own wardrobe:
vena cava wow dress, available from rent the runway for $50
helmut lang bondage exit dress, available on rent the runway for $50

velvet kalani dress, $124 at shopbop

susana monaco mini open back dress, $150 at shopbop
in addition to these sexy nighttime options, this look can work unexpectedly well for daytime too. the impressive selection of cutout dresses at urban outfitters is a case in point. here are two of my favorites:
pins and needles lace open back shift, $58 at urban outfitters
lucca couture open back dress, $58 at urban outfitters


Kirby Margaret said...

I would love to be able to pull off a backless dress or blouse! I'm working out now... hopefully by summer my back will be in perfect shape to rock something like this.

amy b.s. said...

wow, those are some great options! i have an event in august i need that "wow" factor for and i think you may have just found the solution!

Emily said...

I tried on the Lucca Couture one at Urban the other day, it is really cute!!!!!

Peter Horan said...

I think you should buy th boatneck mini at fashion junkee. For $34 it is a steal and it reminds me of the rugby backless sweater!XOXO, Beth

Kara said...

Lovely dresses, rather sexy I think, the backs add a touch of indiviuality to the dresses. I like!
Thankyou for visiting my blog!!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

i love these dressed! i love the urban outfitters and the helmut lang bondage dress. its adds a certain sexiness and give an edginess to the dress.
thanks for checking out my blog!


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