dinner party

my brother, grayson, arrives in tours today and my host mom is busy preparing a big family dinner. there are few things i love more than a lively family gathering and i really can't wait to have him here and show him where i've been living for the last few months. in anticipation of his arrival and our evening soirée, here are a smattering of my favorite dining rooms. they're all a bit different but there's something in each of them that speaks to me. my style is constantly changing!
that turquoise chandelier is perfection, isn't it? it's like jewelry for the home. i wonder if that's a DIY project in the making... anyone? those striped floors are gorgeous too.
i love the combination of natural wood, fresh white, and primary yellow in this space. the unexpected juxtaposition of organic elements and modern furniture is so clever.

everyone has her own opinion about stores like pottery barn, renovation hardware, etc., but i find some of their spaces truly inspiring. i love the curves of these chairs and i think i stand to learn a thing or two from their styling.
i love the round dark table, modern seating, and industrial light fixture. and don't even get me started on the floor-to-ceiling windows!
i'm quite certain this is the same space spruced up for a magazine feature. wow, what a bouquet of yellow flowers can do!

an unconventional seating arrangement, gorgeous madeline weinrib rug, gallery-like walls, and glass light fixture... what's not to love?
one of my favorite interior designers jazzes up a traditional dining room with architectural detailing, splashy lampshades, and a fun silver star. check out the rest of his portfolio if you have a moment — you won't regret it.

what is your favorite of these spaces? i love them all for very different reasons. sometimes it annoys me that my tastes are all over the place but other days i just embrace it. could you describe your style in just a few words or do you feel like yours is constantly evolving too?


Kirby said...

my favorite would have to be the last one. I guess it looks more classic to me. but then, i LOVE the chandeleir in the first photo. so maybe that means I have an acclectic style? I'm not too confident with my interior decor style. all I know is that I like things to be functional, organized and not clutered(so that would also catorgorize me as a minimalist?) hmmm... yup, definetly acclectic!

amy b.s. said...

i have been slightly obsessed with the idea of a blue chandelier. i am adding that first photo to my collection!

Couture Carrie said...

What gorgeous dining spaces!
I think the first one is my fave!

And how cool that we are both from CT? I live in West Hartford!


paula said...

1,3, and 5 would be my faves. Truly stunning. hope you all have the best time.

sarah, flourish design + style said...

I love a little from each! What great spaces.. I hope you have a lovely dinner + gathering! xo

kirstyb said...

the first one is my fave - not i just need a house to put it in lol xoxoox

Fashion Chalet said...

Great blog!

I'm inspired.

We like a lot of the same things. (like Lauren Conrad and pretty furniture)


Shannon said...

I've seen that blue chandelier in so many House Beautiful magazines... I love it. xx

thefinaltouchideas said...

I love the first pic! and the chair bench from style at home. I love that magazine!

Naomi said...

that turquoise chandelier haunts my dreams!

Mary said...

All of these dining rooms are fantastic! I especially love the second one from the bottom, with the unconventional mix of furnishings.