Anne M. Cramer

I'm smitten with this fall/winter collection from new-to-me clothing designer Anne M. Cramer. Her pieces come in a variety of textures, from wool to velvet and everything in between, and I'm pretty sure everyone needs a party dress all tied up with a bow. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon her site!


samantha. said...

i agree-- nothing a little bow can't fix!


Amber said...

So cute and classy, thanks for sharing this designer. Happy Thanksgiving. ax

Christine said...

wow - so cute and relatively affordable. love your blog! xoxox

Katie said...

Such good prices!!! Love the "put a bow on top" wool top!! May just be ordering this:) Thanks so much!

Caroline Hallemann said...

So gorgeous. I love the whole 2nd outfit!

Happy Thanksgiving!