Styling With Books

The colorful spines, the orderly stacks, the worn covers of much-loved classics... There's something about styling with books that gets me every time. It might not be the most practical storage for your favorite volumes but it is definitely the prettiest. 


Andrés Corella said...

I must admit I never thought about styling with books...but this is really cool!



hip hip gin gin said...

I love a pretty book stack! I have a few around our house, and you are right, it is a total pain when I actually need to pull one out but I can't help it I love the way it looks!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

I love these. Decorating with books can be so chic and inviting at the same time!

Diane Bergeron said...

Great post!
We definitely agree... books are just one of those things that make a house look like a home. And they can look stunning when they're styled up - love the photos.

Full House said...

I want that lamp in the top picture. i think it is only a mere 2 grand...oh well.

Hope all is well with you darling!

WA Blog Team said...

Books are just the best! Wonderful images - love the Emersonmade photo! ; )

Sarah Klassen said...

Great ideas! I love books and should really try to change up how I display them... thanks for sharing these :)