How cheery are these Olivia Rae James photos of a few blogger pals wearing Troubadour Clothing? Such a treat to see my girls Chassity and Hanna pop up over on the Glitter Guide this week. This shoot is everything I'd like my weekend to consist of: bright sunshine, a cocktail or two, and girl time galore. Oh and it's all about that pink dress, no? To die for! Have a good one, gal pals :)

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Chelsea MacMeekin said...

I am downright obsessed with this line...and that pink dress! Happy Friday doll!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Mack. You're my favey fave.


Chloe Moon said...

How awesome!! I love their colorful outfits! It looks like they had a lot of fun!!! =)

Ergo - Blog

Sam (Savvy City Chic) said...

Love these photos. It reminds me of my friends if we lived in CA instead of NYC.

Lianna@theresnoplacelikehomemke.com said...

the bright colors are fantastic!

Danielle Noah said...

This is amazing! I wish I was in this little party too!

Dani /// andbubblegum.com