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If you ask me my favorite color, it's navy or nothing. But when it comes to the color that makes me happiest, I'm all about hot pink. I don't wear it nearly as often as navy blue, but surrounding myself with hot pink desk accessories or treating myself to a bouquet of pink tulips does wonders for my mood in the midst of this wintry April. I think part of my pink obsession is that it pairs so well with almost every other color: lime green, navy, olive, orange, turquoise, white... When it comes to pink, you really can't go wrong.

Do you have a color that makes you happiest? Supposedly a lot of people say yellow. I'd love to hear what you think!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I'm totally about to order that pink toile notebook!

Chelsea Mac said...

I could not agree with you more! There's something about a hot pink that just changes my mood immediately. And any shade of pink is my favorite color.

Haute Child in the City

Christa Dickerson said...

Bright, saturated cobalt blue instantly lifts my mood! It's my favorite color to use in pops within my wardrobe and home!

xx Christa


Heather said...

I totally agree! Nothing makes me happier than lots of bright pink!

Vett Vandiver said...

one of my favorite colors! love the swim suit and the tray!

Lauren said...

I love all of these hot pink items, especially that notebook and bikini!


Lily L-M said...

I never really think about pink chinoiserie, but I love it there with the orange stripes. Definitely happy :)

xo Lily

Rachel Medlock said...

Hot pink is such a happy color - I smiled just looking at the collage you created. I love that Hunter umbrella - perfect to brighten up a rainy spring!

Suppose Anything Goes

Joanie FLOnMyMind said...

I love that swimsuit. My happy color is definitely lavender. I love how it pairs well with practically everything.

~ Joanie

Hunter said...

Who doesn't love a good pop of hot pink? Another color that always makes me happy is a bright cobalt blue!

Prep on a Budget

Kylie Mavrakis said...

I'm the same way! I have so much navy and blue shades in my closet, but I love hot pink! It's just so much fun!


Annie Thompson said...

Mine is totally blue too but I love me a spot of pink! Those were the colors in my wedding not coincidentally! That Marysia bikini is too cute! If you are looking for something a little more affordable, Ann Taylor Loft has a cute black scalloped bikini. Unfortunately, obviously it is black and not navy or pink! I have some other preppy budget buys on the blog today if you are interested! Trying to keep it preppy on a budget!


courtney parker said...

I need that bikini, those espadrilles and that lipstick! They're perfect!


Elena said...

I personally love navy WITH hot pink:)

xoxo, Elena

Kerrie Mitchell said...

So I need the tray, the notebook and the clutch. LOL!

Sense and Sequins said...

That scalloped bikini is too cute!

Emily Lunstroth said...

those orange & pink shoes OMG

Tara Louise said...

I'm with you... i love hot pink! it's my inner five year old coming out haha

Meagan Marold said...

Pink is my all time favorite color! I'm obsessed with that pink scalloped bikini! So cute!