Domestic Goddess

Cooking and cleaning have never been more glamorous than in the photography of Pamela Hanson. Matching bra and panty sets, serious bling, and perfectly disheveled hair make this shoot a personal favorite. If only my chores looked this good!

If Only

If I had to dress myself exclusively in one collection this season, it would be, hands down, that of Emersonmade. It's everything I'm craving right now: blouses with bows, dark denim, and tailored silhouettes. If you're as smitten as I am, new arrivals are available for pre-order now. I don't know how long I'll be able to resist — that tuxedo jacket is just killing me!

Desk Du Jour

Hey you, happy Monday! Here's to a productive week for the both of us. I think this workspace would give us both a jump start, for navy velvet is sure to get those creative juices flowing. Designed and styled by Emily Henderson, the office finds that happy medium between rigid organization (I'm talking to you, magazine holders) and lived-in personality (that's you, inspiration board). I had the pleasure of meeting Emily at the Rue party in September and can't wait to see her forthcoming HGTV show Secrets of a Stylist. Are you impressed by this peek into her portfolio?