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Instagram long ago became my preferred platform for sharing tidbits of my day and I love following other people! My Instagram feed is full of constant inspiration, whether it's new outfit ideas, restaurant recommendations, or a simple reminder to treat myself to a bouquet of pink peonies on my way home. Here are 12 of my favorite people to follow...

Psst! You'll find me @mackenziehoran. Are you as obsessed with Instagram? Who are your favorite people to follow? Have you gotten into the new video app Vine? Let's discuss!


Since moving to my own apartment, I find I rarely turn my television on. I don't think to have it on during the day while I'm working and I'm almost never lounging around at night waiting for a favorite show to come on. While I like to think this means I'm busy living life away from my sofa, I do miss the fun of following my favorite characters or getting sucked into a new season DVD. Here are a few of the shows I've been hooked on this past year...

I love pretty costumes and interiors as much as the next girl but it's Downton Abbey's various love stories I can't resist. I'm a full season behind so no spoilers please!

Again I'm super behind on watching Girls but I do think it's my generation's take on Sex and the City albeit far less glamorous. Is Allison Williams not the most gorgeous person you've ever laid eyes on?

Never has a show gotten my heart racing quite like Homeland does. The suspense might actually kill me! I watched the first two seasons in probably two weeks and can't wait for the third season to debut in September.

I love when a show makes you think! The Newsroom is full of brilliant dialogue and stimulating coverage of current affairs. Plus the female main character's name is Mackenzie and almost makes me want to go by Mack instead of Kenzie. 

Oh, The Office. I've seen every episode (many of them more than once) and will undoubtedly cry during the series finale in two weeks. Dear Jim, will you marry me?

Are you obsessed with any of the same shows? What series should I delve into next?

Keep up with Design Darling

Happy Weekend!

Good morning! What do you have planned for the weekend? Last night I had dinner with a few of my blogger faves: Ashlina, Cassie, Crissie, Morgan, and Tyler. Then this morning my boyfriend and I took my puppies for a coffee run and a walk in the park. Of course my phone was dead or I would have been Instagram-ing left and right! Tomorrow I'll be back in the city as my darling cousin is running the New York marathon for charity! I'm so excited to cheer her on and congratulate her when she crosses the finish line in Central Park. What are you up to? 

{Gwyneth Paltrow shot by Mario Testino for Vanity Fair}

Darling Details

Design is in the details. It's the little things in life. Whatever your preferred motto, it's clear there's something to be said for that special finishing touch — the fresh flowers, the leopard lining, the unexpected sparkle. I'm finding it's way too easy to get caught up in everyday stresses and way more beneficial to stop and appreciate the little things that make it all worthwhile. Today I'm going to make it a point to relish those little things: the first sip of my morning latté, a smile from a stranger, the glow of the Empire State Building as I make my way home from work. What are you going to appreciate today?

{all images here}

Happy Weekend!

What are your weekend plans? I'm off to Bucknell to reunite with my very favorite people for Homecoming. I see lots of happy tears and hugs in my future! Whatever you're up to, enjoy and see you back here on Monday!



First things first! Your comments yesterday were literally the highlight of my week. It was such a joy to get to know each one of you a little better and to read all about your bucket lists, dream jobs, and weekend plans. I read every single questionnaire with a smile on my face. You are such an inspiring bunch and I am so grateful that you show up here each day! Thank you so much.
Moving right along, the lucky winner of the Effie's Paper giveaway is #46, Tamra of Walks With Bella! Please email me so I can put you in touch with the lovely Kalyn. Congratulations! 

Lastly, thank God it's Friday. Can you say "longest week ever?" A couple late nights at work and the subsequent shortage of sleep have me more eager than ever for the weekend! I'll be reuniting with lots of Bucknell friends for a birthday party tonight and spending the rest of my weekend hanging with my family and tackling what seems to be a never-ending weekend to do list. Based on yesterday's responses, it sounds like you'll all have plenty to keep you busy as well! Have a good one, friends!

{images via the darling Patterson Maker}

So tell me about yourself.

One of the many reasons why I blog is that I love connecting with like-minded people. Nearly every blogger I have met in real life has turned out to be a dear friend and a true inspiration. Most of them are extremely caring, driven, and passionate people and I am lucky to have them in my life. Since it's impossible to be able to connect with every single one of you, I thought it would be fun to turn the tables today and ask you a few questions about yourself so I can get to know you and you can get to know each other. Maybe if you dig it we'll make it a regular event around here!
Current location:
Day job:
Dream job:
How you'd describe your style:
Favorite clothing company:
Favorite TV show:
Favorite way to procrastinate:
Something you're looking forward to this week:
Something on your bucket list:

Feel free to copy and paste the questions into the comments section. Here are my answers...

Current location: New York, NY
Day job: Digital coordinator 
Dream job: Freelance writer
How you'd describe your style: Casual, classic, preppy
Favorite clothing company: Emersonmade, J.Crew
Favorite TV show: The Office
Favorite way to procrastinate: Twitter
Something you're looking forward to this week: A friend's birthday party
Something on your bucket list: Skydiving

That's it. Nine questions so we can all get to know each other a little better. I can't wait to read everyone's responses!

Neither Here Nor There

Just a few life updates and fleeting thoughts on this lovely long weekend... 

1. My first week of work is behind me and I can't tell you how much I love Bollare. I'm working with really cool people and really cool brands (here, here, and here — lend them a "like," won't you?) and I'm learning something new every day. Isn't that what it's all about?

2. My brother Grayson is getting ready to apply to college and it's bringing back all sorts of memories. I want him to wind up at Bucknell so badly but I think it's best not to push the issue.

3. Knowing that some of my friends are back at school and I'm out in the real world is such a strange feeling. Seeing pictures of rush festivities pop up on Facebook definitely tugged at my heartstrings. But I'm really happy with where I am right now — and there's always Homecoming!

4. Confession: I've spent hours researching apartments in New York even though I know I can't afford to move into the city right away. It's just fun to know what's out there! 

5. On a related note, the worst part of working in New York is my commute from Connecticut. An hour train ride each way plus time on the subway. The bright side, though, is plenty of time to read books and magazines. I finished Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell this week and I highly recommend it.

6. I'm insanely and unattractively jealous of everyone who's going to New York Fashion Week. Seeing a show is on my 101 in 1001 list and I'm determined to make it happen in time for next year.

7. I'm not sure where my new Tumblr is headed but I'm loving it so far! Won't you follow along? Remember, you can ask me anything! I've already gotten a few questions ranging from advice for studying abroad to how to store makeup.

8. I have a couple really fun interviews lined up to bring Design Dialogues back with a bang this fall. It's my way of bringing you original content without having my boyfriend follow me around with a camera documenting my outfit changes ;)

- - -

I'm kind of all over the place today, huh? What's new with all of you?

Working Girl

Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday! Today I'm taking the train into New York where I'll hit the ground running with three interviews for fall internships. Of course the end goal is to secure a full-time position but I'm keeping my options open and exhausting my resources before I make any decisions. More experience and more exposure never hurt anyone!
I wish I could share where I'll be interviewing today (and later this week!) but I'm keeping my lips sealed so as not to jinx anything. I imagine the next few weeks will be filled with lots of research and plenty of caffeine. Wish me luck!

{image from Matchbook Magazine}

Look Mom, I'm in Matchbook!

Just popping in to share a bit of fun press! I'm in fantastic company in the "Matchbook Investigates" feature of Matchbook Magazine's stellar seventh issue.
We were each asked about our favorite vacation spot and anyone who's read my about page already knows my answer:
A big thank you to the Matchbook girls for reaching out and including me in an issue that features fashion standouts like Atlantic-Pacific's Blair Eadie and Milly's Michelle Smith. To say I'm flattered would be an epic understatement!

P.S. How badly do I need a new headshot? I'm embarrassed to admit how old this one is ;) Definitely a task for the 101 in 1001 list!

Weekend snapshots...

Michael and I covered a lot of ground this weekend! It was his first visit to San Francisco and we wanted to see a bit of everything. We did a ton of walking (even stopping in a nail salon for an indulgent foot massage!) and rekindled some of that adventuresome spirit from our days abroad...
On Saturday we perused the farmers' market at the Ferry Building...
Picked up picnic ingredients from Acme Bread and Cowgirl Creamery...
Swung by Ghirardelli Square...
And made dinner with a few farmers' market purchases (enabling me to cross that one off my 101 in 1001 list!).
On Sunday we ate brunch outside at a little spot down the block...
Where we may or may not have indulged in these yummy beignets...
Followed later on by an ice cream cone at Bi-Rite and a little sunbathing in Dolores Park.
On Monday we hopped on a ferry to Sausalito...
Which occasioned picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge...
In Sausalito we grabbed a bite to eat (followed quickly by more ice cream) and chatted with a counterbalance artist on the dock...
And topped off the weekend with a baseball game at AT&T Park. Check out that view! We managed to pack a lot of mileage into a few short days and had a great time exploring the city together. I miss him already!
- - - 
P.S. On an unrelated but equally happy note, Graphic Image is celebrating Christmas in July with 50% off everything sitewide today only! If you're still upset you didn't win the Graphic Image giveaway I hosted a while back, now's your chance to invest in a new address book, iPad case, passport cover... You can tell my cart is full! 

Oopsy daisy.

My boyfriend is headed back to New York today and the morning completely got away from me. I promise I'll be back in full swing tomorrow with pictures from our weekend! Happy Tuesday, my friends.

P.S. Would you ever try blue nail polish? It looks pretty here but I always gravitate toward pinks and reds.

Happy {Summer Lovin'} Weekend!

Rue's sixth issue is slated to come out next Monday, July 25, and I have no doubt we'll all be working in overdrive to make that happen! Thankfully my boyfriend is flying into San Francisco for a few days before I have to kick it into high gear. Here's hoping his visit will provide just the rejuvenation I need...
If our weekend consists of nothing more than sleeping in, brunching out, and his first Giants' game, I'll be one happy girl. What are your plans for this summer weekend?

{photography by Ali Degraff}

Weekend snapshots...

I had the most wonderful long weekend with my mom! It was such a treat having her fly in from Connecticut and I had fun showing her my new stomping grounds in San Francisco. Here, a few snapshots from our weekend together...
{Passing the time before her arrival with a half & half and a pile of magazines.}
{Admiring the succulents in the Botanical Garden}
{The carousel in Golden Gate Park}
{Stopping to smell the roses on an afternoon stroll}
{Pre-dinner pedicures! I chose Essie's Fire Cracker, which seemed appropriate for the holiday. Does anyone else choose polish colors for their names?}
- - - 
Do all you iPhone owners use Instagram as well? It's like Photoshop on the go — I'm obsessed!

Moments in my day...

A little something different today, just because...
{Latté, lists, and Dani Notes iPhone case.}
{My new library card and the fifth Harry Potter book, which I'm reading for my 101 in 1001 list.}
{Two favorite necklaces from J.Crew and Loren Hope.}

{An afternoon walk around the block. Beautiful.}

- - -

What are some of your favorite moments in the day?

- - - 

P.S. I threw my name into the ring for coco+kelley's contributor series and my column is up today! Please go check it out and leave a comment if it's something you'd like to see every couple weeks! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed :)

Happy {Social Butterfly} Weekend!

I'm closing in on two weeks in San Francisco and it's been so much of a whirlwind that I haven't done a real update! Suffice it to say that the apartment is beautiful, Rue has kept me very busy, I'm learning something new every day, and I've set up lots of dinner dates to combat homesickness (of which there's also been plenty).
On tap for this evening is a blogger meet-up with Taylor from Sterling Style, Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black, Caitlin from Sacramento Street, Lisa from With Style & Grace, as well as Anne from City Sage and Crystal from Plush Palate. I'm so excited to meet everyone and to toast to the launch of Taylor and Alicia's Glitter Guide this week!
I had a delightful dinner with KC from Thrifty Solutions for an Urban Gal (LOVE her!) last night and have plans with Cristin from Simplified Bee and Katie from The Neo-Traditionalist next week. I'm definitely doing my best to stay busy! What are you social butterflies up to this weekend?

Happy June!

Did you wake up and say "rabbit, rabbit" for good luck? I'm spending the morning waiting in line at the DMV so I'll take all the luck I can get. What do you have on the calendar this month?

{gratuitous prettiness via Patterson Maker}

And the winners are...

The two lucky winners of the Fabric & Handle bags of their choice are...
Entries #24, Taylor from It's The Little Things, and #43, Connie from Daydream in Color! Congratulations, ladies! Please email me so I can put you in touch with the lovely folks at Fabric & Handle. Thank you to everyone who entered!