Lulu Frost Code Rings

I know Lulu Frost's code rings are nothing new but I can't get them out of my head! They'll cost you a pretty penny but they'd be perfect to commemorate an important occasion like an anniversary or a birthday. My lucky number is 7...but my birthday is 8/9/89 ;) Which number would you choose?

Black + White

We all have those moments when we stare at a closet overflowing with clothes and think, "I have absolutely nothing to wear." It's easy to look at something you've worn a hundred times and feel less than enthused about wearing it again. This week I'm reminding myself that I can always fall back on classic black and white, especially when it looks this good...

My go-to color has long been navy blue so this is a nice reminder to go back to basics. What's your tried-and-true color combination?

This & That

Just two lovely spaces that look even better together. Happy Monday everyone!

{both via my interiors board on Pinterest!}