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Everything about fall makes me want to curl up in a comfy chair with a good book (or a pink leather dictionary, as the case may be). What's your favorite classic read?

P.S. A few cute new arrivals in the boutique!


My August calendar is quickly filling up with blog conferences, dinner dates, and trade shows and it's hard not to want to buy a new outfit for every occasion. Instead I'll be investing in and replenishing my wardrobe basics: a few solid pieces that can be worn myriad ways. Case in point:
Madewell blazer (a must on my wishlist for fall) // J.Crew t-shirt

The blazer would work just as well with my go-to skinny jeans and the skirt would be adorable with a classic blue oxford tucked in. And yes, this is the way I justify all my purchases ;) Do you shop the same way I do?!

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This is the first weekend in a while that I haven't made any plans and I plan to power through lots of laundry, packing and shipping, etc. — probably in pajamas most of the time. But if I had my way I'd be donning something more like this...

Ray-Ban sunglasses // Loren Hope necklace (with hot pink ribbon!) // J.Crew dress

You can't go wrong with cute sandals and a flowy dress! What will you be wearing this weekend?

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You'll be the first to know when I set a date for moving out but in the mean time let's set our sights on a teeny tiny apartment that's decorated floor to ceiling in classic blue and white...

What's the predominant color palette chez vous?


What would you add to this list and which items are your favorites?


I'm packing for Nantucket today (my first vacation since the boutique launched, eek!) and getting pretty excited for a few days with minimal emailing and maximum sunning. What's not to love about a holiday where you're encouraged to frolic outdoors, rock blue and white, and top it all off with fireworks?

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Michael and I are visiting friends from Bucknell this weekend and I'm definitely excited to spend a little time in the sun (with sunscreen, of course!). Here's my dream packing list for a weekend getaway...

(6) Skinny Jeans white denim (just ordered these!) (7) I Love Your Style (8) Miu Miu swimsuit 

There's a lot of monogram action happening here! Definitely a summer year-round staple in my book ;) What are you all up to this weekend?

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One of the things I miss most about college is always having a reason to dress up. Between date parties, formals, and plain old weekends, it wasn't hard to find an excuse for a new dress or pair of heels. But I know some of you are in the throes of wedding season so I suppose this one's for you!

J.Crew bangles in yellow and pink // Noir earrings // Parker wrap dress

I bought the turquoise cocktail ring a couple years ago and it's easily one of my favorite pieces I own. What events will you be getting dolled up for this summer?

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Let me first admit that I do not like to exercise. I was a competitive gymnast through high school and never had any use for a real gym. Of course now I'm kicking myself that I didn't pay more attention in gym class because I'm desperate to find a workout regime that sticks. Does it count if I'm a lousy athlete but great at dressing the part?

Aerobics, pilates, power walking, running, yoga, Zumba... Tell me, what's your preferred form of exercise?

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Hot pink, tan leather, and a pop of pretty blue... This is what I'd like to be wearing this weekend!

What's one thing you're looking forward to this weekend?!


A handful of pretty things in one of my very favorite hues... 

Let's play a game... If you could have any three of the above, which three items would you choose?!

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The owners of this home lived in Paris for ten years before relocating to Vancouver. I adore the white foundation with pops of — you guessed it! — pink and navy so I decided to pull a few pieces from my boutique to show you how to get the look chez vous... 

What's the predominant color scheme in your place?

P.S. I am trying desperately to win a contest to meet with Shark Tank's Daymond John. This is a major opportunity for my little business and I would be so grateful for your support! All you have to do is re-pin this pin onto one of your Pinterest boards. The five companies with the most re-pins will be shown to Daymond today at 5 p.m. and I would love to be one of them! Thank you to everyone who has re-pinned, retweeted, etc. I am forever grateful!


We had a two week teaser of warm weather in Connecticut before we reverted to spring showers and I dare say I've never been more in the mood for a vacation. If any of you have a trip planned, would you mind stowing me in your luggage pretty please?

See, my bags are all packed and ready to go ;) 

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I love the feeling of looking down and catching a glimpse of cute shoes on my feet. Now that we can all tuck our riding boots back in our closets until the fall, it's time to put some spring in your step with a bevy of beautiful ballet flats!

I have to say, I had quite a bit of fun "shopping" for ten pretty pairs to include in this post! Which shoe finds are on your must-have list for spring?

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6 Gift Ideas for Spring

For some reason, I feel like half the people in my life celebrate their birthdays in the springtime. Between birthdays for my boyfriend, my brother, and my parents — not to mention Mother's Day and Father's Day around the corner! — my brain is definitely on finding the perfect gift for each person.

The other night I was dashing out the door to a friend's birthday dinner and decided to whip up a little something with items I have in stock for the boutique. It inspired me to share a few gift-giving ideas with all of you in the hopes you'll find that perfect something at Design Darling! 

FOR THE GIRLS: Earrings and a bangle in her favorite colors.

FOR YOUR MOM: A votive holder and a matchbox (or two!).

FOR THE BOYS: A kill-proof topiary for his place and a monogrammed key fob.

FOR YOUR COWORKERS: A budget-friendly monogrammed pencil cup or business card holder to brighten their cubicle (and your view).

FOR THE HOSTESS: A monogrammed tray for her bar cart.

FOR YOUR BFF: Pearl hoops and a colorblock clutch were made for girls' night out!

- - -

What are your favorite gift ideas for spring?

J.Crew Eyelet Dress

You know when you see a piece of clothing and immediately picture yourself living out your fantasy life in it? (No? Just me?) When I see this J.Crew eyelet dress, I picture myself frolicking, picnicking, sipping cocktails, and most likely reenacting The Sound of Music. Here's how I'd style it:

Every girl needs an eyelet dress and a monogrammed hat, right? (I just ordered this one!) Side note: how fun are these letter rings? Hello, perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, etc.! I'm also envisioning a set of three to spell out your monogram. If only they'd get the E and the H back in stock! I'll be waiting ;)

Hello, Yellow

When it comes to happy hues, I think it's a tie between bright yellow and hot pink. Just looking at them constitutes a mood boost! Here are a few yellow lovelies to brighten your day...

While yellow isn't a color I generally gravitate to in my wardrobe, I definitely think I could pull off a pair of yellow pants (remember these?) and certainly the ballet flats. But what I'm most excited for is bringing a bit of yellow into my decor this summer. How fun would four of those chairs be grouped around a round white table? Very fun indeed.

Pretty in Pink

Today is the first official day of spring and naturally I'm using that as an excuse to share a few of my current obsessions in my favorite spring color! Bright, neon, pale, or somewhere in between, there's just something about pink...  

These pillows are seriously dreamy in person (of course I'm keeping a pair for my future apartment!) and I just ordered this skirt so I'll let you know how it works out! What pink things are you loving lately? 

P.S. See more of my favorites on Currently Obsessed!

How To Decorate Your Foyer

It's the first thing you see when you walk in the door — so it might as well be pretty, right? There are a few things to keep in mind while decorating this compact but heavily trafficked part of your apartment or home. Here's a pretty little foyer I've envisioned...

1. Create a focal point. This graphic silk scarf dictates the color palette for the space and directs the eye toward a pretty tabletop vignette and not that unsightly ceiling fixture your landlord refuses to replace.

2. Be practical. Fresh flowers get expensive! This topiary is a great cost-effective and long-term alternative for those with a black thumb (you only have to spritz it once a month!). If you have the space, an extra dining chair is perfect for pulling on rain boots and can be dragged elsewhere when you're entertaining.

3. Use stylish storage. A small lacquer tray is a great place to toss keys and mail when you walk in the door while a braided basket keeps backpacks, shoes, etc. tucked out of sight!

- - -

What are your favorite tricks for tackling your foyer?

Desk du jour

It doesn't get much preppier than good old pink and green. This cheery space is the work of interior designer Ana Cordeiro...
I decided to whip up a little inspiration board for those of you eager to recreate the look!

Ferm Living vase ($42) / Container Store lacquer boxes in pink and green ($18 each)

What do you think?!