Let me first admit that I do not like to exercise. I was a competitive gymnast through high school and never had any use for a real gym. Of course now I'm kicking myself that I didn't pay more attention in gym class because I'm desperate to find a workout regime that sticks. Does it count if I'm a lousy athlete but great at dressing the part?

Aerobics, pilates, power walking, running, yoga, Zumba... Tell me, what's your preferred form of exercise?

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Hot pink, tan leather, and a pop of pretty blue... This is what I'd like to be wearing this weekend!

What's one thing you're looking forward to this weekend?!


Former Domino fashion director Lauren Goodman recently opened the doors of her San Francisco home to Refinery 29 and it was everything I could do not to pin every last one of these spaces on the spot...
Of course I'm most coveting the English roll arm sofa in her living room. Isn't it such a beautiful shape? And the coffee table styling is flawless, but then I'd expect nothing less from Lauren's decorator Lili Diallo, whose book is a personal favorite of mine. What do you like most about the space?

*all images Andrew Paynter for Refinery 29

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