le salon

where the kitchen is often considered the heart of the american home, the french kitchen is instead considered a very private area. the french prefer the use of le salon, their version of the american family room save for the fact that the seating is arranged for conversation and not ease of television viewing (in my host family's salon, the tv is actually on the floor). in lieu of the latest technology, these rooms are decorated with art, books, and family photos galore. though i've been in france a mere two days, i've already taken to the idea of le salon and think the following rooms would make beautiful settings for lively conversation, family game night, and cocktail parties alike:
built-in bookcases and a watercolor-in-progress provide a welcoming backdrop for comfy seating and coffee table snacking.
looking for an original idea for above your fireplace? skip the oversized mirror or painting and create a collage of family pictures.
lots of pillows and a pretty rug mean guests will be just as comfortable on the floor as on the sofa.
what i wouldn't give to warm up in front of this fireplace...
le salon for small spaces: chairs instead of sofas.


seesaw designs said...

great images. i really want built-in bookshelves... maybe at my next house :)


Apt. #34 said...

Great finds, and lovely blog! I hope you are having a wonderful time in Paris!

paula said...

how interesting. love the rooms. i am sure they would despise my kitchen that is the hub of my home.

Joi said...

Those pics are totally my style---so lovely!

Gray said...

This is FABULOUS. Your eye and attention to detail is fabulous. Tres chic! I am enjoying this blog.