Happy {Stay Warm} Weekend

It sounds like some of you are battling the same wintry weather I am this week so I'm sending warm wishes your way! Let's hope both of us can keep cozy and look this good doing it. Happy weekend!


idratherbeshopping said...

that cape is TO DIE. have a great weekend!


Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} said...

Indeed! Happy weekend to you as well Mackenzie!

Peace Love & All Things Creative said...

I would wear this in a second.
ahh love!!

Danielle said...

my camel cape JUST came in the mail yesterday, and I pranced around the condo wearing it..bc I hate to say, its going to be 75 in LA this weekend...

stay warm kittens!

Angelina said...

that cape is to die,indeed! and I love this model!
Hope you have a great and warm weekend!