Ralph Lauren In Elle Decor

Thank you all for your feedback on the launch of The Design Dialogues! I am so pleased you like it and am already working away on the next installment. Back to our regular programming, however! I will be forever enamored by the crisp and classic appeal of Ralph Lauren. Designed with shiny wood floors and painted industrial columns, his apartment is everything his clothes are: an updated classic. His home is furnished with intention, ignoring the maximalist trend in favor of clean lines, metallic finishes, and regal touches like a fur throw and fully stocked bookshelves. What do you think of his not-so-humble abode?


Cara said...

This just might get me to go "modern"...LOVE IT!

Gabriella said...

I loved their home when I saw it! so chic!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I really, and I mean really, want a fur throw- this space is so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

this is one of my FAVE features in elle...i love that he had a full sized star wars trooper in his foyer...so amazing. it would only look chic in HIS space!