Turning Heads Red

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're a lover or a cynic of this over-the-top holiday, I hope you'll join me in wearing a little more pink and red than this time of year ordinarily warrants. If you won't spring for the pink dress, how about a red manicure?


things that sparkle said...

Love this entire outfit just the way it is. Gorgeous!

Molly & Sally said...

Welp, I'm definitely a lover of this holiday (even though my boyfriend is NOT) and it's pretty obvious with my red shirt and pink scarf I'm currently sportting. Maybe overkill but I HAD to do it :) That pink dress is to die for - a must have for a summer tan!
Hope you get lots of love today <3

Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I'm a vday lover too, I know the boys dont get into it, so i say party it up with your girlfriends instead!

KristiMcMurry said...

love this! Especially those shoes. Happy Valentine's Day!

Miss K said...

I'm in love with that pink dress!