Yesterday was the first truly chilly day in New York and it had me considering my cold weather outerwear options. This is my first full fall/winter in New York and, while I grew up in Connecticut and went to school in Pennsylvania, I totally don't feel prepared for the coming season. I spend so much more time outside here! I have a classic camel coat and a puffer coat but I think my next winter purchases will be this navy option (inspired by Amy!) and a cape coat like the above. Below are a few of my favorites... Which one would you choose?


Charlotte said...

I really want a cape - they're so chic! Love your pick with the furry hood, it must be so cosy!
Charlotte x
La Vie en Gâteaux

Jessie Springer said...

I bought a cape coat from Madewell a few years ago and it's always in constant rotation during the winter months! I actually prefer it over a traditional coat because I can fit more layers under it when it's really freezing outside! :) {Here's mine: http://instagram.com/p/U_41SyjXFo/}


Hunter said...

I love cape coats; they are so chic and classic :)


Dana said...

one of my favorite fall looks for sure!


Jessica Joyce said...

They're so adorable and I may say that they look a bit British (and proper). Two little slits for the hands makes me giggle, but I still want them!

Your Friend, Jess

Ashley B said...

Love the idea of a navy cape coat! I purchased the JCrew Cocoon Coat last winter and I love it!

Ashley | History in High Heels

Hannah said...

Such a chic look!

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Anonymous said...

i want a cute tan trench and a cape for this winter. i love my jcrew coats, such great coats.

Alex said...

I love the way cape coats look but I always worry my arms will be cold during those cold winter days!

Lauren said...

I really like the second and the last cape coat!


Heather Mill said...

I feel like I would be freezing in a cape. Walking around the city with my arms exposed isn't appealing at all. I don't think I can pull off the Olivia Pope elbow length gloves. I learned after my first winter in Manhattan that you just forget fashion and wear your North Face down parka for at least 2 months of winter.

mrschanelO said...

get the cape. it'll be adorable.

love from LA,

Leslie: DowntownHaute said...

Definitely Love!



Rachel Tells A Story said...

I love the one with the black spots. Where I can buy it??

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie-- you have to check out Ellsworth & Ivey! I just reviewed their regular cape style on my blog today, but they have a beautiful coat cape as well! And she's based in NYC :)

Zoe Cayetano said...

Ohh I love all of them. My favorite is the second one. Great post! thanks for sharing this

xoxo Zoe