You. Guys. This week was insane. Blogger events, emails up to my eyeballs, inventory everywhere, orders waiting to be picked up, running on way too little sleep... I feel totally burnt out and need to take better care of myself this weekend. It was definitely one of those weeks where I felt the growing pains of owning a small business — I can't wait to be able to think about securing office space, hiring more helping hands, and really kicking things up a notch in 2014.

This weekend my friend Wes (follow him on Twitter, he's hilariousis visiting from D.C. and I'm so excited to spend some quality time with him in between a few really exciting projects for the blog. I'm so grateful for friends who put up with my craziness and help me poke fun at myself... As they say, laughter is the best medicine! I hope you all have a good one and I'll see you back here — hopefully feeling a little more like myself — on Monday! xx

* hat  //  bun  //  coffee  //  book  //  blanket  //  puppy


Hunter said...

I totally agree! This week has been crazy; TGIF :)

Prep on a Budget

Lauren said...

I hope you have a great weekend and recover for the busy week!


Pink Flamingo Style said...

There must be something in the air. Things have been crazy this week for me too and it doesn't look like that will change until the Holidays are over.

Have a fun weekend!


Alyssa LaBarbera said...

We totally understand! We started our blog 2 weeks ago and we're both full time employed. It's been a whirlwind but it's also exciting. Hang in there! #YouGotThis


Cristina Marie said...

Rest up!! All hard work will pay off :) Oh and I can't stop staring at that bottom picture of the puppy. Too cute!!

Cristina Marie

Chelsea said...

Get some rest this weekend girl, you deserve it!

Chelsea & The City

Kathleen Walpole said...

Get some rest and recover!

Alex said...

Have a great weekend girl, take some time and relax! I love that fur throw.

Linda said...

Being a small business owner makes you feel like there are not enough hours in the day, doesn't it? Love your website! Rest and relax when you can.
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Brittany Targaryen said...

Agree with you one hundred percent :)

Nancy {at} powellbrower at home said...

I hope things even out for you and that you have a wonderful week ahead. Hope your weekend was just what you needed! Love your boutique and ready to cozy up for winter with woolens and puppies.
xo Nancy

Sara Faircloth said...

No clue if you know, BUT, what kind of puppy is that?!? SWOON!