My mom and I popped into Nordstrom when we were up in Rhode Island for Thanksgiving and had a lot of fun sampling perfumes (thank God for coffee beans...) and a few beauty products. Marc Jacobs Daisy is already in my rotation but we both surprisingly really liked Katy Perry's Killer Queen fragrance (a similar floral scent — I'm so predictable!). The bottle is super unique and truth be told I kind of have a girl crush on her after watching her documentary on Netflix. I decided to create a little wishlist of color-coordinated items that would look extra pretty sitting together on your countertop or dresser. Pink, orange, and a little sparkle... Yes please! Shop the post below:

*This post is sponsored by Nordstrom, a site I genuinely love and shop. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Design Darling possible!


Lauren said...

I love all the makeup and those pearl earrings!


Hunter said...

I love these beauty picks!

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jess said...

Pink is always my go-to color, I am a fan of those lipsticks and the polish. As for perfume, I will never be one of those girls with a "signature scent" - there are just too many that I love!

jess | Quaintrelle

preppylove said...

Loving all the pink! I really want to try that Tom Ford nail polish. Looks like a beautiful shade.

Anonymous said...

Nordstrom is one of my biggest weaknesses! I have a beauty wish list a mile long :)


bright and beautiful said...

What a fun (and pretty!) post. Loving your selections!

Zoe Cayetano said...

Looove these picks!

xoxo Zoe

Alex said...

Great picks, I'm always looking for new perfumes to try... guess I'll have to check Katys out!

Taylor Cunningham said...

I love Prada Candy!!!

Rachel Black said...

I don't wear a ton of makeup, but I love trying beauty products. Tory Burch's fragrance is on my Christmas wishlist!

Bon Vivant DC said...

Love these great picks from my favorite department store! They always have my favorite brands, unrivaled customer service and the most civilized of restrooms (fainting couch anyone?) It's one of the few chains I will go to in person, as opposed to online shopping!


Christina Quinn said...

Yes to the Katy Perry documentary! I was always somewhat neutral about her until watching it - it totally changed my feelings towards her! Also, as an RI gal, I hope you enjoyed your stay in the Ocean State =)

Charlotte Hartwell said...

I just love looking at this list! The colours and items are very happy!