Every girl will relate to this. Ha!

I bought this skirt — does it not scream Design Darling?

I can't stop staring at my friend Gray Malin's photos from Antarctica.

I created a few new Pinterest boards that I'm embarrassingly excited about.

Now on sale: this super chic "going out" top. (Does anyone else say that?)

A pretty new planner to start 2014 off right.

This family is seriously awesome.

Traveling for the holidays? My favorite weekend bag is back in stock (and only $70).


Lauren said...

That bar area is amazing! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful links!


Jenna M said...

I've been eyeing that weekender for awhile - love it! How's the quality? I have a fear that it may fall apart after a few trips?

Happy weekend!

Jenna l Clothed in Confetti

Zoe Cayetano said...

These are such fun and interesting reads! Thanks for sharing these.


cheetahfashionista said...

These are great! Looks like I'll be spending my weekend glued to my laptop devouring these reads :)


preppylove said...

I'm now following your friend on Instagram and OMG that Christmas Jammies video was amazing!! Love it!

Ryann said...

I must ask, where do you store all of your luggage? You always seem to have the cutest a luggage, but so much of it! And I don't know them, but the Holderness family, who did the Christmas Jammie's video, actually live in my parents neighborhood. I may have to go to them for parenting advice when I get married and have a child.