I don't know about you but the moment it gets cold or wet outside, I pretty much go into survival mode. (How many layers can I possibly wear at one time?) We had our first real snowfall in New York this past weekend and I've totally been guilty of sacrificing style for staying dry and warm. I'd like to think it's totally possible to do both, à la these inspiring examples...

A few style notes: winter white coats, pom pom hats (I asked my parents for this one for Christmas), faux fur, my new favorite coat, leather gloves (great selection right here). My favorite is the navy coat with yellow details — the perfect bit of prep. Stay warm, my friends! xx

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Hunter said...

I know exactly how you feel! We just got a ton of snow the other day and now I have to start thinking about dressing cute in winter gear. I love your inspiration :)

Prep on a Budget

Lauren said...

I love your winter fashion inspiration! It can be so hard to dress warm and still look nice, but all the outfits you picked out look so chic!


Kimberly Lewis said...

I wish I could look this chic! Unfortunately I am always cold even beforeit dips below freezing so for me its all about the fitted down puffer coat, warm stylish boots, huge fuzzy earmuffs and the cashmere gloves!

Caroline said...

My favorite way to stay warm is to layer my (faux) leather jacket under a warm peacoat! The layering keeps my extra warm and protects from those windy NYC mornings.

~ Caroline

Liz Davis said...

I try to stay as stylish as possible in low temps which usually just means a ton of layers but one thing I struggle with is shoes. I mean let's get real, you can't wear heels in the snow/ice/anything but dry sidewalks.

Zoe Cayetano said...

I love these coats! I'd definitely wear these ones.

xoxo Zoe

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

so hard to look that good when it's 8deg out...for extended periods of time that is. When's spring again??

Kathryn said...

Even the littlest bit of skin exposed is going to freeze! I just love the photo of Blair in the fur pullover. Want! Thank goodness blanket scarves are in style.

Tara Louise said...

love the example from Atlantic Pacific - that furry pullover is amazing!