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Have you ever seen anything more precious in your whole life? My family's dog Coach and my puppy Rory (who is roughly twice as big now...!) received these hot pink quilted vests from Martha Stewart Pets and I was legitimately squealing when we put them on. And they'll be super warm for winter in Connecticut/New York! If you look closely, the quilting is actually stitching in the shape of dog bones... Too. Cute. For. Words. 


Do pardon the light activity around these parts this week as I move into my own little piece of New York! I've been saving my pennies and counting down the days for quite some time — it's hard to believe that it's actually happening! Yesterday my dad and boyfriend got most of the big pieces in place, which means my mom and I can get to the fun part: decorating! It's teeny tiny — 375 square feet, eek! — but I'm smitten with the natural light and eager to create a space that works for me, my business, and my puppy :) I have lots of fun projects I'm planning to tackle and I can't wait to share them all with you! And in the meantime, if you have any brilliant tips for making moving a little less stressful, I'm all ears...

Keep up with Design Darling


Our puppy Rory is the subject of many Instagrams and tweets but I decided it was high time for him to get his own blog post. The kind folks at Waggo sent him a few goodies so we took a walk around the block to test them out... 
I'm kind of obsessed with the fact that his new collar and leash match my cardigan and leggings from Thomas Kelly. We were meant to be ;)
The cutest face I ever did see.
Posing with his brother Coach.
"I'd rather walk myself, thank you very much." Someone needs to go to puppy school ;)
Finally winding down...
...and asleep on his new bed which, by the way, is cuter than mine. Thank you Waggo for spoiling him rotten! Who else is obsessed with their pet(s)?!

Getting Personal...

Big hugs to everyone who has filled out the Design Darling Reader Survey! (It's still open for those of you who have yet to weigh in!) Your input has been incredibly insightful and I'll definitely be incorporating your advice as I continue blogging. One of the most popular requests has been to get a little more personal with you all, to let you know what I'm up to at school and what I'm planning for after graduation — something I never knew until I read your answers! I'm flattered and I'd be happy to oblige! 
In fact, I just participated in the Designeries interview series on Erika's blog where I'm talking all about my internships with Jonathan Adler (that's us above!) and Rue, how I got my start in blogging, and what I have in mind for next year and beyond. So if you're interested in learning a little more about me, I couldn't think of a better way to get started!

Our Weekend

Behold the ice rink my dad built on our front lawn! I tweeted a few of these already but I think he deserves all the credit he can get. It's such fun to see my boyfriend Michael and my little brother Camden playing together — I only wish we had ice skates for our puppies, Coach and Fenway! Wouldn't that be the cutest? I hope your weekend is filled with lots of ice time and hot chocolate. See you back here on Monday!

Our Christmas Table

It's not your average Christmas spread but I'll take pink and shiny over red and green any day. The candles will be replaced before our guests arrive but I couldn't help but share a little sneak peek! What do you think? Have a wonderful weekend and a very merry Christmas! 

Chez Moi

{The coffee table in our family room.}
{A little vignette with a photo of my mom and my grandparents at my parents' wedding.}
{A sparkly year-round ornament.}
I thought I would share a few snapshots of my family home in Connecticut. It is so nice to be home for the holidays and have time to catch up with my parents, siblings, and precious pups. Don't forget to enter the January sponsorship giveaway!

A Masculine Motif

{Tommy Smythe}

{Tommy Smythe}
{My work featured on Design*Sponge}

As you may recall, I've been searching high and low for masculine interior inspiration. Now I'm not much for antlers or taxidermy, but I adore the graphic appeal of the American flag and the Union Jack. Paired with handsome hard woods and dark matte walls, these motifs lend masculine allure and patriotic flair. I even painted my Anglophile boyfriend, who spent last semester studying business in London, a Union Jack campaign dresser! What do you think?


Patience is a virtue — one with which I was not blessed. I imagine I'll spend much of my day at JA wondering whether this beautiful campaign baby will still be available when I get home from work...
So I can snatch it up and make magic:
Cross your fingers for me!

P.S. I'm totally getting into Twitter — follow me here

a work in progress

hello, my dears! my first decorating project is underway and i couldn't be more thrilled to share a sneak peek with you today. it's my bedroom in the off-campus house i'll be sharing with seven girlfriends next year at bucknell and, although i'll only live here for one year, i want it to be a place i can get inspired or wind down, depending on the time of day!
what a dreary "before" picture! the room does have great bones though. the amount of space is generous for a college student and i love the bay windows! the dark trim, white-paint-over-wallpaper and icky purple carpet were calling out for a little love.
so we painted the trim white (the best trick for lightening a space!) and gave the walls two coats of glidden's sexy pink.
we also taped off some rectangles to frame the bed i have yet to buy (ignore the evidence of wallpaper underneath!).
i think they turned out quite splendidly if i do say so myself.
so we moved in the furniture i have found. pete did a few final touch-ups (i told you he's detail-oriented) and beth put up the blinds (thank goodness because i have no patience for that sort of thing). many thanks to the crew, also known as my loving parents who put up with my need for blindingly bright color and a flawless paint job all while listening to me change my mind about minute details 13,000 times.
how do you feel about the pink and leopard combo? beth says it's a little flinstones but the rug (overstock leopard print novelty rug, $85) i hope you don't think it's too much because there's going to be a gold-skirted table in between those babies (ikea tullsta chairs, $99 each) next time you see photos! (worry not — the bed linens will be white.)
somehow we had time (and paint) left over to redo the tragic bathroom we're inheriting. wallpaper and carpeted floors? in a bathroom? briana and her mom agree that it was a no-go.
her dad laid down cheap linoleum and we painted the walls with our leftover pink paint. we found the shades in one of the many nooks and crannies in our soon-to-be home. don't you prefer it all new-and-improved?

i would love to hear your thoughts on this initial sneak peek. please be kind — this is project numero uno!

sand art

do you remember making sand art as a child? i decided to try an only slightly more sophisticated project this past weekend to bring a bit of the beach into my new bedroom. my family owns a summer home on nantucket, where my cousins and i have spent much of each summer on the beach or working in retail. this summer is a different story (in the best way, of course!) but that's no reason not to include my favorite island in my future boudoir.
first i traced the island and taped it into the back of an 11" x 14" canvas ($8 at michaels).
since it was still a little tough to see the tracing through the canvas, my detail-oriented dad took matters into his own hands. (note his shirt!)
the fruits of his labor.
i painted around the island, let it dry, and then used paper cement ($9 at michaels) to glue sand onto the white part of the canvas.
et voilà! it's far from perfect but it'll be a lovely reminder of summertime come winter at bucknell.

what diy projects have you taken on lately? i would love to hear from you!

before and after {pin collection}

my sister, reilly, has been collecting pins for as long as i can remember. whenever someone is unsure what to gift her, an assortment of pins is an easy fallback and her collection has expanded accordingly. one day while snooping around the house for potential design projects, i decided i wanted to help my sister display her collection since her habit of pinning new finds onto an old lime green fleece jacket in her closet was hardly doing her hundreds of pins justice.
so i stealthily removed the offending jacket from her closet...
removed the pins with the help of our little brother, camden...
painted unfinished scrapbooking frames from michael's (around $8 a pop)...
artfully arranged the pins on pieces of white felt ($1 per piece) cut to fit the frames...
set the felt in the frames...
and — voilà! — a pretty display for her bedroom and a tidy way to flaunt her impressive collection.