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After the success of the Kerry Steele pop-up shop last month, I couldn't wait to bring more affordable original art to Design Darling! Katherine Bramlett is as sweet as she is talented and I love her range of work: beach scenes, bright abstracts, and a few florals and nudes for good measure. We're featuring 24 original works at unbelievable prices (seriously — they start at just $20!!!). Add an abstract to your gallery wall, frame two for your powder room, or gift your favorite to a color-loving girlfriend. Shop the pop-up shop here!


I took a bunch of art history classes in college but I'm definitely still figuring out what artists and styles I'm drawn to. My newest life goal? To own a piece by Jenny Prinn. I love the bold layered strokes, her embrace of bright color, and the fact that she lives right here in New England. Can you imagine one of her larger abstracts over a console table in your foyer or a smaller piece in a gallery wall above your sofa? Bright white walls + vibrant abstract art = my dream room. Her studio must be a very happy place!


I'm so excited to share the first ever artist pop-up on Design Darling! I've been a fan of Kerry Steele for years (there's been a button to her shop in my blog sidebar forever!) and have an abstract piece of hers ready to be hung in my apartment. She works mainly in oils and watercolors and is known for her bold strokes and bright color combinations. Everything in the pop-up is one-of-a-kind so don't wait to check it out if you're looking for a good deal on an original canvas or a watercolor for your gallery wall. Scoop one up before they're gone for good!

P.S. There are other new arrivals as well! Double the fun.


gray malin antarctica
gray malin antarctica
gray malin antarctica
gray malin antarctica
gray malin antarctica

My friend Gray Malin recently took a trip to Antarctica and captured the most striking shots of beachy props among icy landscapes. He is truly one of the most talented people I know so I was thrilled to see his newest works for sale on One Kings Lane today! If you ask me, those pink flamingos are too cute to resist.

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I'm crazy picky when it comes to choosing art and the worst part is I can't even describe what I like and don't like — I just know it when I see it. That's why I get so excited when I stumble upon someone's work that I instantly fall in love with. Case in point: every single piece in Elizabeth Mayville's adorable — and completely affordable — Etsy shop. Imagine being so talented you could make lemons and George Washington look equally charming? I suppose I'll have to make do by purchasing as many of her prints as possible ;) Who are some of your favorite affordable artists? Two more I love right here and here.


I've been coveting several of his books for a long time so it was a nice surprise to stumble upon an online gallery showcasing the work of photographer Slim Aarons. I'll continue to dream of investing in one of his prints but in the mean time here's a little eye candy for us all to enjoy... 

Nice Pool (Palm Beach, 1955)

Family Pool (Lake Forest, 1960)

Sea Drive (Nassau, 1967)

Garden Party (Miami, 1970)

Poolside Gossip (Palm Springs, 1970)

Aarons explained his work as "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places." Wouldn't you kill to hang one (or more!) of his works in your home? He certainly has me wanting to hop on a plane to Palm Beach...!

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The Pink Pagoda

Remember the artwork I featured in this post? It came from the Dallas-based shop The Pink Pagoda and I'm smitten!
The artist, Jennifer, has curated an adorable shop full of preppy chinoiserie-inspired art. This hot pink ginger jar print is a personal favorite!
Her prints are available in sizes 8" x 10", 11" x 14", and 13" x 19" and priced so reasonably that I'm tempted to invest in multiple pieces! Come to think of it, wouldn't these ginger jar prints look fabulous in a grouping of four?
Naturally I also love this floral elephant print! Wouldn't it be adorable in a little girl's room? 
The attention to detail in each print is truly something to be admired. I was delighted to learn that Jennifer is also launching a blog by the same name! I can tell by the color scheme (navy and pink — my favorite!) that it's going to be as darling as her shop.
- - -
What do you think of Jennifer's artwork? Are you as smitten with chinoiserie accents as I am?

Cocoa & Hearts

As you may recall, one of the goals on my 101 in 1001 list is to invest in my first piece of original art. You can imagine my delight when Jen of Made By Girl announced the opening of her art site, Cocoa & Hearts. Her paintings are colorful, modern, and simple in the best way possible. While her larger pieces are a fantastic resource for large-scale decorating projects, I'm most drawn to her 10" x 8" canvases, which retail for $95.
What are your favorite sources for original art? 

My Favorite Photographer

It is a true gift to make ordinary objects like fire hydrants and Ikea ice cube trays look beautiful. It requires a trained eye, a knack for timing, and an understanding of composition and light lost on the average person. I like to think that my dear friend and college housemate Sara Redd possesses that gift, wouldn't you say? She's talented, funny, and smart as a whip. Do stop by her 365 project (one photograph a day for an entire year) and tell her hello for me!

Calm & Colorful

There is something about the combination of the unfussy photograph, traditional lighting, and modern chairs that draws me to this New York dining room designed by Iain Halliday.
I instantly recognized the print as the work of French photographer Christian Chaize. The above print, for sale by inexpensive art dealer 20x200, is part of a series in which Chaize photographed the same Portuguese beach at the same moment and from the same angle each day for the duration of his vacation. The result is at once calming and colorful — really, what's not to love?

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

I cannot for the life of me remember where I found this picture but I do know I'm very much in favor of taping hundreds of polaroid snaps within a larger-than-life frame. Can you imagine family and friends stopping to stare at each of the photos? The display would be truly mesmerizing!

Happy Menocal

I fortuitously stumbled upon the artwork of Happy Menocal yesterday on my friend Lindsay's gorgeous new blog The Pursuit of Style. She has collaborated with Jonathan Adler and Stubbs & Wootton while her paintings have graced the pages of House Beautiful and Town & Country. A small selection of prints is available on her website and she welcomes custom commissions (like the gorgeous crests above!) via email. How I would love to hang one of her colorful creations above my desk to keep me inspired while I work!

I Wish I Could Draw

Behold the beautiful illustrations of Garance Doré, the wildly popular French fashion photographer whose eponymous blog has garnered international attention for her refreshingly carefree spirit and her glamourous portraits of girls with great personal style. Don't these illustrations make you wish you could draw? Or at least purchase her work somewhere online?


I'm so inspired by Jen of Made By Girl's latest creation. Her Damien Hirst-esque painting completely transforms her minimalist white space. Granted, Jen is a talented artist but I have a feeling I could recreate the look in my own place with a big canvas from Michael's and a handful of paint samples! What do you think — must-buy or DIY?

Caitlin McGauley

I've said it before but I'll say it again: Caitlin McGauley rocks my world! You may recognize her watercolors from the pages of Lonny Magazine, but did you know that she also paints Watercolor Wednesdays for the Lonny blog? It's the perfect way to get your fix between issues ;) How striking are her portraits of fashion icon Iris Apfel and Vogue editor Hamish Bowles? They're the perfect start to a new week!