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It's not all that often I stumble upon a color combination that's truly unexpected and suited for real life but of course, leave it to J.Crew...

Blue and green and leopard? Call me crazy but I'm kind of digging it!

Color Palette {Blue & Green}

Just a little lovely from me to you on this fine Saturday morning. I hope you're up to something perfectly fabulous!

*fashion photograph by Dean Isidro for Cosmopolitan
interior design by Melanie Turner in Veranda
both layouts by Mackenzie Horan

Jamie Drake

Remember when I used to blog about color palettes? I think it's time to bring that back every now and then. Isn't the palette of this Jamie Drake living room sheer perfection? A subtle range of pinks, purples, and blues with just a hint of black... Yes please.

Soaking Up Summer

I've had an amazing week on Nantucket and I'll be making the most of this effortless beach hair every last minute on the island. What are your plans for this most wonderful weekend?

P.S. All you east coasters, stay safe this weekend! 

{images via my Pinterest boards}

Flower Power

One summer during high school, I worked at a flower shop out here on Nantucket. Well, the flower shop. It wound up being my only summer as an employee there (probably because I missed the clothing discounts that came with working in retail) but I'll always look back fondly on the time I spent cutting in flowers and delivering bouquets to hotels on the island. Flowers just make people so happy! They're beautiful, fragrant, and indulgent in a way that's not at all superficial. Pop by your favorite florist this evening and treat yourself to a few fresh blooms — you deserve it!

*Photograph by Sarah Tucker for sale HERE. Thank you Victoria for the source!

Spring Has Sprung!

We're expecting a high of 82 degrees in Pennsylvania today and I for one couldn't be happier. It might be back to the 50s tomorrow but I'm living in the present and walking with an extra skip in my step to celebrate the unseasonable warmth. What's the weather like where you are?

{photo by Anna Spiro}

Navy Baby

Try as I might to introduce color into my wardrobe, I will forever find myself falling back on navy. It's the perfect hue against my fair skin and red hair — and I love the way it looks paired with other neutrals like khaki, gray, and white. These J.Crew looks depict everything I want to be wearing this spring and summer: messy hair, inventive layers, and classic stripes. What's your go-to color?

Rue Hues {They're Baaack!}

I'm so excited to be blogging about two of my favorite spaces from the fourth issue of Rue today. Won't you stop by and share your thoughts?

A Little Color, A Lot of Impact

This living room is a little too rustic for my taste but I think it proves a major point: you don't have to spend lots to achieve high style. In fact, just one surprise — in this case, the pop of the yellow throw pillow against a sea of neutral tans and whites — is all it takes to go from blah to blown away.

{Cottage Living via The House Home}

Kate Moss in Valentino

She may not look her happiest, but Kate Moss is definitely dressed to knock 'em dead in this Valentino cocktail dress. I can't get enough of her pink/cheetah combo and the sheer shimmer of her frock. Ideal inspiration for girls' night out this weekend!

{photo via InStyle}

A Pale Palette

I'm not usually one to get excited over neutral interiors but there's something very dreamy and ethereal about this vanity area, wouldn't you say?

Kathryn Ireland

A Los Angeles interior and textile designer known for her love of pattern, Kathryn Ireland sticks to her signature style with this colorful bedroom. Large-scale art, embroidered linens, and a Moroccan rug merge to create modern bohemian style that looks equal parts exotic and effortless. 

Pink Lady

Black eye makeup is an edgy counterpart to a girlish silhouette and hot pink pumps. In other words, Gwyneth does it again.

Jil Sander Spring 2011

It might be yesterday's news in the fashion industry, but Jil Sander's spring collection is everything I want to wear this upcoming season: whites, pinks, navy; ruffles, solids, stripes. If, that is, it ever warms up around here!
{photos via style.com}

Rue Hues

Please swing by the Rue blog when you have a moment — this week's palette is a punchy one!

Pink & Floral

I love the versatility of this soft pink. It electrifies the delicate embroidery worn by Vanessa Paradis in her campaign for Coco Chanel and steals the spotlight in the peony centerpieces of this table setting. Paired with fair skin or khaki chairs, anchored by dark eyes or wood accents, its bubblegum hue transitions from cosmetics to interiors seamlessly.

Just Peachy

The unusual combination of peachy pink and slate gray creates a decidedly dreamy atmosphere in this Katherine Newman-designed living room. The white walls and neutral carpet balance out the two stronger colors, gray anchoring the fireplace and furniture while the pink Arne Jacobsen egg chair injects a bit of whimsy. And don't think I missed the quartz-colored accent table — if that's not dreamy, I don't know what is! 

Jewel Tones

I love this oldie but goodie of Natalie Portman in a variety of jewel tones: a sapphire dress belted in teal, a canary-hued clutch, and amethyst peep-toe pumps. It's an alluring and unexpected combination that even those with fair skin or a pale winter complexion could rock.

Rue Hues

Here's a little sneak peek of what I blogged about yesterday on the Rue blog. Please stop by if you haven't already!

Rue Blog!

Here's a sneak peek of what I'm blogging about today over at Rue! It's hard to live up to the blogging greats (ahem, Cassie and Erin) but I'm certainly going to do my best. 
I'm beyond flattered to be on this talented team of Rue bloggers; I do hope you'll check us out and bookmark it for future reference! With a lineup this good, it's sure to become your go-to for design inspiration between issues ; )