Après Ski

I was scrolling through my inspiration folder when I stumbled upon this cozy winter escape. The wood ceiling recreates the feel of a stylish ski lodge while black walls balance out the abundant natural light. Task lighting draws attention to a well-curated book collection that would be delightful to thumb through on a chilly December day. Comfy upholstered furniture, pretty piles of firewood, and plenty of blankets and pillows make it the ideal place to curl up with a good read. By the way, do I spy a window seat? Now I'm really in love.

{Photo via Full House}


Roxy Te said...

I'm going on a winter trip with all my favorites...if our ski lodge looks anything like this I'm afraid I'll be curled up in that fabulous (hermes?) blanket while the rest hit the slopes!! Pass the hot toddies ;)

Kelly said...

I seriously want to move in that room.