Desk Du Jour

Are you as smitten with this stunning workspace as I am? Featured in the sophomore issue of Rue Magazine, the office combines ballet pink walls with hints of velvety yellow and soft turquoise. I love the gold art and the lucite tray while my other essentials — fresh flowers and a stack of magazines — have me wanting to move right in.

P.S. Did you hear that I'm the new editorial assistant for Rue?

P.P.S. Did you know there's still time to win a free sponsorship for the month of January?


Anjela said...

I completely agree with you-that office space is gorgeous! I must have gone back to that page in the latest Rue at least a dozen times!
Congrats on your position!I'm sure you'll be a great contribution to the already awesome team!
Happy Holidays!

Marisa Midori said...

Perhaps if my workspace was as gorgeous as this I would work a bit harder to keep it tidy haha

Carly {Honey and the Moon} said...

Congrats on your new position!

I've always LOVED this office. I actually have it saved in my inspiration files myself. Absolutely beautiful. x


thais. said...

one word: perfection! + congrats!!!

Rachel said...

I love this office space! It looks almost too perfect to actually do work in haha.

jolene said...

wow!! mackenzie! this is jolene, and i'm actually sitting in THAT office :) how sweet of you to post such a lovely write up. merry Christmas to domicile :) xoxo
congrats on the rue position!!!

jolene and amanda

Fancy Pants said...

Oh, how smitten I am with this office! Love it!