Haven Vintage

I'm so excited to introduce you all to my newest sponsor, Haven Vintage! Owner and curator Colleen is a total sweetheart who describes her gorgeous home decor offerings as "simple, stylish, casual, vintage!" Indeed her shop is brimming with antique brass figurines (like the darling little quail above!) and charming milk glass finds. Vintage lamps and matching bookends are all reasonably priced as well. Affordable, charming, and undeniably chic, Haven Vintage is the perfect place for "one for you, two for me" holiday shopping!


styleforlife said...

Beautiful pieces. Love these items alot. Must visit the store now...xx Emily from EL Vintage

PS- I am doing a giveaway, come enter. x

Danielle said...

that quail is fun!

Averill said...

Those onyx bookends are fabulous!

jen @ design blossom said...

totally agree about the "one for you, two for me"! lovely sponsor!

Kelly said...

LOVE the scottie dog!

Tommy said...

This is exactly what a vintage/antiques shop should be. It's well curated and very reasonably priced! Thanks for sharing!!

Splendid Willow said...

A great match!

Many unique and lovely things in the store. I really like the quail!

If you have a chance pop over and say hit to Malin -- you are going to love her DIY dining table!

Love to you,


P.S The boots are hoppin'! Wihoooo!!!