Kate Powers

I'm head over heels for these new additions to the stunning portfolio of photographer Kate Powers. I love the model's subdued makeup and coral manicure, not to mention the Rothko paintings surrounding her. Don't even get me started on her polka dot skirt — to die for!


Chapstick Fanatic said...

i want that polka dotted skirt!


AlyciAmore said...

I want that chunky bangle in the first picture that has the gold overlay! What subtle yet eye catching beauty!?

Andrés Corella said...

Very cool pictures..I love Kate Powers...the outfits on this pics are great that polka dot skirt is really cool!!



Tasty Fare, Pretty Wear said...

I love the striped dress! Any idea where it's from?

Beatriz said...

DEFINITELY!! The second and third shots are my favorite. And I totally agree the paintings are such an added plus :) Gorgeous!

Hope you're doing great, Love!

thais. said...

gorgeous indeed! love all the retro vibe. and the shoes on the last shot? too precious ;)