I ran out of serving pieces the morning of my housewarming brunch and dashed to Sur La Table an hour before the party to pick up a few extras. One of the pieces I bought was this white cake stand, which we used for serving macarons. While doing dishes after everyone left, I realized that the cake stand was too pretty to live inside a cabinet. So I put it to use displaying pretty perfume bottles instead! I love a piece that does double duty... Ahem ;) Do you have any similar tips or tricks? I always love to hear from you!


Alan crew said...
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Alan crew said...

Well, I think it's really a unique idea for perfume display and hope it will improve your sales for perfumes.

amy stone said...

Love this idea!

I like to use LL Bean boat totes (XL and L) for holding laundry or storing extra clothes like pajamas and tees. When the clothing isn't toppling over the opening of the bag (uhhh....), I keep them next to my couch & it looks nautical, beachy, and like I live right near to water.

Also, the obligatory empty-Diptyque-as-make-up-holder.

Hunter said...

What a great idea! Such a great, but gorgeous DIY!

Prep on a Budget

Ashley said...

Love this idea! I have a cake stand just sitting in my cabinet right now. Will def be taking it out tonight.

inaworldofbees.com said...

I use a bunch of thrifted dishes and serving pieces to display items in my room, mainly makeup. Trays are my favorite. I have a DIY cake stand in my bathroom to lift some items off the counter to give more space!

Just a tiny tip. You shouldn't place perfume near the windows as sun's heat can turn the perfume and make them go bad, if that is the spot you keep them.
Though it looks super cute! And I love the cake stand idea!



My Life as A Plate said...

Love this idea!!! They look so pretty on display and I love giving them a little height on the dresser.

Erica said...

Genius! Looks great. Plus now we all know you smell good. xo

Lily L-M said...

This is an awesome suggestion -- and I love the way you keep your clutches too!

x Lily

Seersucker Sass said...

I collect cake stands for this reason! I have a few throughout my room and bathroom. They're great for keeping up with makeup or finger nail polishes, as well :)

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

Lauren said...

I love the cake stand display!


preppylove said...

I probably never would have thought of that, but I love it!! :)


Bets said...

After seeing a recent photo of your dog, Rory wearing a statement necklace, it inspired an idea. In an effort to solve for my jewelry storage dilemmas, I started decorating my bedroom with my baubles. My childhood bears are now gussied up in pearls. Took it one step further and draped necklaces over corners of picture frames, lamp shades, etc. Not only does it look beautiful displayed, everything is within reach and accessible.

Leslie said...

That is a great idea! For my wedding, we bought some Martha Stewart cake stands at Macy's, filled them with cupcakes, and used them as the centerpieces. As a result, I have a few left over and am always looking for ways to re-purpose them (besides entertaining).

Peyton Taylor said...

Such a great idea!