Have you ever seen a more gorgeous exterior in your life? This home tour on the newly relaunched Lonny stopped me in my tracks. I love the Georgian architecture, glossy lacquer door, and OMG those windows. Of course the interior is just as stunning...

Simple art and ginger jars galore. 

Antiqued mirror (great DIY instructions here!) and yellow wingbacks. Hellooo gorgeous.

Marble and navy and perfect all over. The only part of this room I can afford is this. ;)

Say hello to the chicest bunk beds you've ever seen. I want to sleep here!

Framed skateboards in the bathroom because obviously these kids are cooler than I am.

Cozy little bed nook. Yes please.

Too pretty for words. Don't miss the full home tour here

P.S. Does anyone else feel totally motivated looking at crazy real estate? No, just me? ;)


Alexandra Aimee said...

This is absolutely lovely, and it FEELS really San Francisco!

-- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

amy stone said...

My favorite part may be the Herm├Ęs-blanketed bunk beds.

Connie B said...

What a beautiful home! The exterior is flawless!

Constance || Prep Northwest

Alexa said...

What a beautiful neutral and lovely space! Definitely wouldn't mind living there!

Ruthie Rose said...

Such a gorgeous home! We get inspired from looking at real estate too. When can we move in!? xo

Lily L-M said...

This IS a dream! Thanks for bringing to to my attention -- the outside especially is heaven.

x Lily

Justin Garrett said...

While the exterior is already eye-catching, the interior is quite divine! Your followers are so lucky that they were able to take a tour in this home and share your excitement. Surely, they are quite thinking about having their own dream home. Haha! Anyway, thanks for sharing!

Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes

John Lambert said...

Wow! That house looks awesome! Who would’ve thought that it hides a beautiful and well-designed interior? Just a mere sight of it will surely make someone think of their dream house as well. Thanks for sharing!

John Lambert @ Cape Coral Lots