hat  //  sunglasses  //  bracelet  //  anchor dress  //  bag  //  bow sandals (also available as wedges!)

This weekend Will and I are off to Princeton reunions. I've never been (and feel a little out of place as a Bucknell grad...) but I'll get to hang with a bunch of our friends and spend some time in the sunshine so no complaints here. I'm obsessed with this darling little anchor dress and I can't wait to get my hands on these bow sandals — just need to decide whether I'd get more use out of the flats or the wedge version. Any opinions? 

I'm sad to be missing the big polo match this weekend but it's crazy how quickly my summer is filling up with seasonal festivities: baseball games, jaunts to Nantucket, wedding weekends... In my opinion t's the most wonderful time of the year! And not just because I have a summer birthday ;) Have a great weekend and before you go, tell me: what's one thing you're looking forward to this summer?


Karen A. said...

The Anchor dress is absolutely adorable! Have a great weekend!


Hunter said...

Love your weekend wear, and I would go with the sandal version of the bow shoes! This summer I'm looking forward to attending the Smart Girls Summit and looking at colleges in NYC!

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Lily L-M said...

I think with a cute fancy sandal like that you might be more apt to wear them as wedges! Plus they're still comfy and grass-friendly for reunions at the Ivy! Enjoy!

x Lily

Aleks said...

love your blog, jealous you're going to princeton!

when you're in princeton, make sure to stop at the bent spoon. it is the best ice cream place ever. they have a twitter where they post their daily flavors, they make inventive flavors, everything is so good you'll wish you could eat more. they're cash only, beware.

princeton record exchange is great for used cds, takes lots of digging but you can get many gems. right near prex, there's a big italian specialty food store that has to die for ricotta cannoli as well as all sorts of other wonderful jarred and prepared food.

other food recs: if you're feeling a gut bust sandwich: hoagie haven, total dive. best almond croissant: early in the morning at chez alice on the square.

there's two 2nd hand stores worth checking out: both jane off of witherspoon (almost next door to the italian store) and greene street consignment off nassau, right past the tiny movie theatre.

princeton recently gained a lilly pulitzer store where coach used to be years ago on the square. they have pretty good shopping: big jcrew (huge sale area upstairs usually), lululemon, origins, a high end boutique zoe with designer pieces

enjoy it for me :)

courtney parker said...

What great pieces for a summer weekend!

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Laura Garrett said...

Everyone should own an anchor dress or two or three...


Mary said...

Oh my goodness those are the cutest bow sandals I've ever seen! Please buy them so I can live vicariously through you!! lol have a great weekend!

Nicole Coppins said...

Ah! I live in Princeton, enjoy it... This is a beautiful weekend for walking around the town! I recommend stopping by Sketch for froyo, if you have a car, check out Flutter Boutique in Pennington (a town less than 10 mins from Princeton) for the CUTEST clothes (at great prices!!), Witherspoon Grille is a great dinner option, and Hoagie Haven for the best hoagies you'll ever have-- I recommend the Phat Lady or Dirty Sanchez!

preppylove said...

Your summer sounds like so much fun! And umm that ruffled anchor dress is amazinggg!


Lauren said...

That dress is so cute!


Alexandria White said...

What a lovely summer outfit! It`s perfect for the weekends.
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ThanksToFashion said...

Summer outfits can be as simple and beautiful as this!! This is one of the reasons why I love summer so much!!


<3 <3 from Vienna,
Mahshid مهشید

katie // a touch of teal said...

Some of my coworkers went to Princeton Reunions - that parade looked wild! Hope you had a nice time - you picked out some good outfits.

Summer definitely is the best time of year, but hard with the fear of missing out since everything fun is happening at once!